6 Reasons to get Wedding Insurance

If there is one piece of sound advice that I wouldn’t ignore, it is to make sure you get this boxed off early on!  The average cost of a wedding is over £20K and whilst you may not decide to spend this on your big day, wedding insurance is much more than just safeguarding your spend.  Having that essential peace of mind will keep stress levels at bay.

  1. Bad Weather – so as Britain gets its first major cold snap this week, you have to consider the logistics and how the weather can quite easily disrupt travel plans, preventing guests, transport suppliers and the bridal party from arriving on your big day.  This doesn’t just happen in winter either, consider freak flood weather in the height of summer and that festival wedding could turn into a mudbath.
  2. Suppliers – The wedding industry has exploded as a result of demand, which has mean’t that there are so many suppliers to choose from, many work on their own and with this brings an element of risk that they may not even with all the best intentions be able to serve you on your wedding day.
  3. Equipment & Technical failures – Suppliers rely on their equipment, photographers, videography, cars, music & entertainment and sadly equipment no matter how well maintained can go wrong.
  4. Bankruptcy – Sadly this is something we see every day, and the wedding industry is no different despite the huge popularity of weddings.  The latest casualty was a hugely popular high street menswear retailer!
  5. Death and or Injury – Heaven forbid but life happens and it doesn’t take into account your impending nuptials, a serious issue may force you to consider re-scheduling or cancellation.  However, don’t expect suppliers to happily comply without any penalty, even if the news is grave to you, it’s nothing personal but suppliers are unlikely to waive expected payments because of your personal situation.
  6. Damage – Floods and Fire at your venue can cause complete devastation within minutes and sometimes, which could mean cancellation of the date at short notice.

We all see these stories but often feel immune as they have happened to someone else, however think for a minute what is your plan B?  Can you afford to lose deposits and re-book? Can you afford to re-run the day, if something catastrophic happens? Don’t be the person that wishes they had got wedding insurance!

6 Reasons to get Wedding Insurance

*Find a reputable supplier for your insurance needs and make sure you check the policy details

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