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So Ridiculously easy…


Not that you will notice but we have changed website hosts so I haven’t been able to upload any content for a few days but we are back up and running now! Yeah… At the weekend I promised the children a trip to a PYO farm to gather fruit to have a go at making Jam.  I thought it would be a cool idea for teachers presents,  and I was so thrilled with the results and how easy this was, these would make cheap and easy favours for guests.

You can pretty much get everything you need from my favourite store – Hobbycraft, from jars to labels, thermometers although you don’t really need one.  If your going to be getting married at any other time than July/August then get your fruit and freeze it beforehand.  We made Raspberry Jam and for anyone that knows me; I don’t do scales or instructions so if you can’t do something with ease, then I’ll generally pass.

Jam making wedding favours

Raspberry Jam Ingredients

1Kg of Raspberries

1 Kg of Sugar – you can buy Sugar for Jam but granulated works just as well

1 Lemon

This was enough to make 7 and 1/2  1lb jars, these are your standard jars but for favours, I would recommend the smaller jam jars which you can buy from hobbycraft here


We mashed the rasberries, added the lemon juice from the lemon and added the sugar.  I put a saucer in the freezer to chill while I cooked the Jam, this would be used to test that the Jam was setting correctly.

Warm the mixture through on a low heat to ensure the sugar dissolves and doesn’t burn, the heat was turned right up for 5-10 minutes until the bubbles wouldn’t calm when stirred. Remove from the heat and test a spoonful on the saucer to see if it sets, it should quickly stiffen.  If it doesn’t set it may need an extra couple of minutes on a high heat.  The correct temperature for setting is 105 deg C but if you don’t have a cooking thermometer don’t worry this can be done without.

I didn’t remove any of the pips or strain the jam through muslin, it was perfect as it was!!

Try something new, it’s fun…

Sarah ♥

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