Simple DIY: Personalized wedding hangers

DIY Wedding Hanger

Personalized wedding hangers

Today we are showing you how to make some quick and easy wedding hangers, which are perfect for the bride to hang her dress on as well as the bridesmaids dresses, avoiding any unnecessary confusion on the big day, helping make your wedding that touch less stressful.

We had so much fun making this simple project, we are  going to include it at our fabulous  Crafts and Cocktail evening at Whinstone View on October the 5th, for ticket sales click here.

Things you will need:

  • A wooden coat hanger,if your not to fond of the color paint them!
  • A letter stamp kit, to make the hangers more personal buy some number stamps to add your wedding date.
  • Pearl gem stickers.
  • Fake flowers, switch up the color of them to suite your scheme.
  • Ribbon or lace.
  • Marker pen.



  1. Select a hanger, suitable for the type of clothing.
  2. Take your stamp kit and mark the name of the bride/bridesmaid you want that hanger to belong to, the initials of the bride and groom and if preferred the date in which the marriage is on .
  3. Secondly, add the pearl gems to the hanger or any other details to add a more special touch.
  4. Cut the length of ribbon necessary and tie around your hanger in a bow.
  5. Finally, add a flower to the hanger, for a touch of femininity then hang your dress ready for the big day!



Of course the bride will want her hanger to stand out from the rest as it is her special day, therefore add detail such as lace, a larger flower or her partners name.


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Hope you enjoy and good luck making!

Leah Grace Cook

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