The Back-Up Plan: How To Avoid Wedding Nightmares

Have you woken up in the middle of the night, sweating, after a nightmare that something in your wedding doesn’t go to plan? “What if the venue forget? What if the dress is five times too small? What if the stylist lets me down?”. These are the thoughts that go through every single bride and groom’s mind in the run up to the wedding. That’s why making a back-up plan helps, so you know that if the worst comes to the worst, the day won’t be ruined.

Hair and Makeup

You know what make-up products suit your skin best. Always have a trial run with your chosen stylist before your wedding so they know your hair and skin better and avoid any disastrous mistakes on the big day, ie, all your curls not holding or your face looking like it’s been on a sunny holiday without your body. You will feel more relaxed knowing your stylist is creating the look you want.


There are plenty of unpredictable reasons why your stylist might miss out on your wedding day at last minute (emergencies, health, weather). Always have a hairstyle and make-up style planned well ahead. Invite your bridesmaids over one evening and try to recreate the style you’re going for. Ask your most trusted maid to help with your hair. Not only will you be having a fab girlie night in, you’ll feel assured that whatever possibility could happen, your girls will be there to help.


If a mishap happens with your wedding flowers, for example, they wilt or the buds don’t open due to the weather, you can always rely on the good old supermarkets. On the morning, send trusted friends and family to the nearest supermarket and grab the best-looking flowers (that match your theme). You can create your own bouquet by combining together the different colours and flowers.

However, sometimes supermarkets are not as easy to get to if you’re wedding is in the middle of the countryside. You don’t always have to be carrying flowers down the aisle. Take inspiration from the All The Fun of the Fair photoshoot by Creative Imagineering Ltd, Kings Celebrant Services and more fantastic wedding businesses. The vendors used giant rubber ducks and created a unique and fun style.

Image by Natalie Pluck Photography

Image by Natalie Pluck Photography


There’s a chance the dress is one of the most expensive items in your budget, so the thought of anything going wrong might leave shivers down your spine. Keep the contact number of a locally recommended seamstress who does alterations in your back pocket, just in case. But sometimes, there are calamities even the most talented seamstress can’t fix. If you have time head down the local high street; there is plenty of occasion wear choices now from high street labels. If you have no time, just be you. Wear the outfit that makes you feel beautiful. At the end of the day, it’s you your partner is marrying, not your gown.

Oh, and please, please, please do not buy your gown online! Always try before you buy so you know exactly what you will be wearing.

Image by Helen Russell Dress by Bexbrides

Image by Helen Russell
Dress by Bexbrides


Once you have found your dream location, keep on top of the venue co-ordinators. By this, I don’t mean contact them none-stop. If your wedding is not for another year, you won’t have top priority over couples marrying sooner. Every now and then, pop into the venue. If they have an on-site restaurant, go and enjoy a meal. Ask the co-ordinators if you can bring family members to take a look around.This is a great way to get to know the team behind the venue and will make your wedding day relaxed knowing who will be helping out. Also, don’t do everything at the venue straight away. Unless the venue has strict schedules, spread out your decisions over the course of your wedding planning, ie. deciding on your menu and styling.

If the worst comes to the worst when it comes to your venue, look around your local area for village halls and community centres. Let’s be honest, some halls aren’t the most modern or stylish venues, but with a little imagination, they can become the perfect canvas for your dream day. There will be plenty of space in the hall to host your guests, and depending on where it is, it can be private and exclusive to you.


You never know how much people will eat or if they suddenly change their mind. When deciding on your menu, ask if a few extra plates can be added. From past experiences, I have seen one teenage guest become a vegetarian and ask to swap their fish starter (and then pile up their plate with sausages later on). This is the same for any evening buffet or food option. It’s always ideal to have more than enough than not enough.

pexels-photo (1)

If the inevitable happens and the venue has to close the kitchen, source the local takeaways in the area. Ok, if you planned a formal three-course meal, having greasy take-out instead is not appealing, but your guests will appreciate the thought (and everyone will need to eat). Imagine the tables with different choices of Indian and Chinese food, everyone digging in, sharing and getting to know each other better; it doesn’t sound too bad. Fish + Chips = Classic British!


Before the big day, make sure the drivers of your chosen transport (whether a business or private) know exactly where they will be going throughout the day. Make sure they know the exact route, from the hotel or home to collect you, to the ceremony to the reception venue. But again, anything can happen; the transport could break down, the weather has different ideas or just health purposes. We all have that one family member or friend who has an amazing and well looked after car. Ask them to be your back-up if the worst happens, and let them know the route too.


Your wedding rings are an important part of the ceremony, symbolising your commitment. Of course, the groom will be asking his most trusted friend or relative to stand beside him … but if you’ve seen Four Weddings and a Funeral, you know that can still lead to a mishap. Grooms, you don’t want to offend your best man by not giving him the rings, but perhaps don’t give them to him until you’re at the ceremony venue? That way you know they won’t be left on the bedside table or in the back of the car. Perhaps you could stray from tradition and keep a hold of the rings yourselves with a cute little pouch wrapped around the bouquet for the bride to hold.

Image by Claire Hirst Photography

Image by Claire Hirst Photography

Creating a back-up plan keeps a peace of mind so next time your thoughts run and causes your world to spin a little, you can shrug it off and say “Oh well, I’m prepared”. In the end, your wedding is about your and your partner making a commitment to one another, everything else makes it that extra special.

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