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How to make Jam: DIY Wedding Favours…

So Ridiculously easy… Hello, Not that you will notice but we have changed website hosts so I haven’t been able to upload any content for a few days but we are back up and running now! Yeah… At the weekend I promised the children a trip to a PYO farm to gather fruit to have a go at making Jam.  I thought […] Read more >

The Groom’s Guide – The Groom’s Survival Kit

We’ve created a Bride’s Emergency Kit, which is perfect for brides-to-be and bridesmaids to have on the morning of the wedding but don’t worry Gents, we won’t be leaving you out. Traditionally, the groom and his groomsmen stay at the couple’s home on the eve of the wedding day, with a fry up on the morning and heading to the ceremony venue […] Read more >

Make It Monday – DIY Wedding Hairstyles

This week’s Make It Monday is about hair! We have found five different video tutorials for all hair types that can easily be recreated at home for your bridal hair, on your bridesmaids or be shown to your hairstylist to be done professionally. For brides with short hair, the tutorial presented by Pose is great to give a lot of volume that […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Table Plan

The table plan is a necessity for a sit down reception but doesn’t need to burst the budget. It’s a must have to let your guests know where they can find their seat without them wandering around the venue in confusion and is also a great memento after your special day to remember who joined you in celebration. Of course, the table […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Bunting

Bunting is a key trend at any celebration; it’s the perfect match for a rustic meets vintage theme. Here we show you how to make your own bunting using hessian and decorated in whatever style you wish. You will need … Hessian Twine Scissors Glue Gun/Strong glue Paint Card stock (x2) Paint brush/sponge Lace trim Marker Pen Fabric Pins Follow this … […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Hessian Napkin Rings

It’s the little details that can make a day special, so why spend a fortune on them if you can make them yourself? Here, we show you how to simply make a napkin ring with toilet roll holders and hessian, a fab make for a rustic theme. You will need … Toilet Roll Holder Hessian Material Glue Gun Scissors Ribbon/Lace/Twine Decorative Items […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Book Page Flower

At our previous Pretty Gorgeous Wedding Show, we held a craft workshop creating these fun and easy paper flowers. All you need is an old book or patterned paper and can be finished off with some glitter or stick on gems to make it extra glam. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it looks! You will need … Old Book (or […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Countdown

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been counting down to Christmas and the New Year, so why not carry it on and create a countdown to your important day! We have five creative tutorials to create different countdowns to your wedding from different blogs across the internet. We have a quick and easy printable to pop in a frame, a mason jar […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Print Your Own Fabric

In Issue 5 of Kiss The Bride Magazine, fab stylist and writer Jane Day showed us how to create some lovely DIY projects. We learnt how to make our own printed fabric, and now we are going to share it with you. You will need … A length of plain fabric of your choice A patterned paint roller Flatt matt emulsion paint […] Read more >

Crafts and Cocktails 2017 – Early Bird Offer!

Crafts and Cocktails is back for 2017! On Wednesday 8th March 2017, we are back at Whinstone View in Great Ayton for another fabulous evening of creativity, drinks and giggling girly mayhem! Meet wedding suppliers as they teach you and your friends wonderful crafts and workshops, with different ideas for wedding gifts, decor and treats. The fab team at Whinstone View will […] Read more >