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The Grooms Guide – Ushers & Groomsmen

Asked your mates to be your ushers or have you been asked, and to be honest … don’t really now what the role entails? More than just showing up in a new suit, the Groom’s back-up-boys do actually have a hand in the day running smoothly. From getting a decent breakfast (and perhaps some Dutch Courage) down the groom to guiding the […] Read more >

Something blue…

It’s an old tradition but still a superstitious one! You’ve probably had the rhyme reeled off to you since he put a ring on it, but have you thought about how to incorporate something blue into your wedding yet? Fear not, we have our top blue picks chosen for you. 1. Something Blue Flower Headband by Gypsy Rose Vintage – £28 2. […] Read more >

Groom fashion: how to get it right

Gone are the days where the only option was for a traditional tuxedo, now grooms are able to up the fashion stakes and add their own dose of style into their big day. It’s not just about the ladies when it comes to looking their best, we want our men to get it right too. What style will your groom go for? Feeling […] Read more >

Wedding Traditions Part 3: The Wedding Party

Good afternoon, It’s that time again, Monday seems to roll around at an ever increasing speed! This week I have been taking a look at the tradition of the wedding party, why do we have bridesmaids and groomsmen on our big day? This tradition is one of my favourite, so keep reading to learn your ‘something new’ for today. We’ll begin with […] Read more >