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#MakeItMonday – Place Cards

Place Cards (or Escort cards) are a cute essential detail to match your table plan and table number that is sometimes forgotten about once your guests have sat down. Depending on where you live in the world, place cards can either be sitting on the table at each guest’s place, or all sat together at the entrance to the wedding breakfast room, […] Read more >

#MakeItMonday – Flower Place Card

This unique idea inspired by Intimate Weddings is perfect for a thrifty couple. Don’t forget to join in with our Craft Workshops at the Pretty Gorgeous Wedding Show on Sunday 6th November, 12-4pm at the Northern Echo Arena in Darlington. You will need …  2 egg-boxes (one larger than the other) Floral wire Tissue paper Ribbon Card Scissors Glue Gun Acrylic paint Hole […] Read more >

Di Fox – Artist Extraordinaire!

Wedding Stationery that is Truly Bespoke First and foremost an artist, Di Fox expertly combines her exquisite pieces with beautiful and modern stationery concepts, resulting in a bespoke, very personal finish for the discerning Bride & Groom. I first met Di towards the start of the year in her cosy home to discuss Di Fox Art over a drink, and found myself very quickly […] Read more >

DIY Wedding Favours – S’mores

For a simple, easy way to delight your guests, combine your place cards and favours into one delicious treat – S’mores! Originally a campfire treat from America using chocolate, marshmallow and biscuits, make your own gorgeous, customised version! Guests can skewer a marshmallow on the kebab stick, melt it to a state of goo over the tealight, and sandwich it between the […] Read more >