10 awful Wedding Trends to ditch in 2022

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Before you get carried away planning your big day, it would be great if someone could just tell you about all the awful wedding trends out there. Yeah, I said it thank your lucky stars your going to get a double dose of honesty mixed with some brutal truths there are just some wedding trends that just need to disappear. The funny thing about weddings is that trends tend to stick around for a while but that doesn’t always make them cool, imagine if every wedding you attend has the same set up. Take your time and opt for originality and quality and imagine what your guests will experience.

Wedding trends to avoid

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1. Sunglasses as wedding favours

Seriously!  Unless your providing actual ray bans, only guests under the age of 8 will appreciate this novelty idea.

Tacky wedding ideas to avoid.

2. The Photobooth

Still very popular but there are only so many pictures of guests wearing silly hats this idea needs to go.  Capturing the evening on film or video is far more appealing.

Wedding trends to avoid in 2020

3.  Staged photographs

When the photographer has zillions of followers on Instagram and weddings published on blogs then expect to be seeking panoramic vistas, golden hour photo opportunities, while walking in a field with a unicorn. Yeah this looks fab as an image but is this really how you want to remember your big day! Keep it real and authentic is our advice.

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4.  Matching Bridesmaid dresses

We go to such lengths not to be seen in the same dress as someone else so why should a wedding be any different. This is one awful wedding trend that has been around for way too long.

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5. Big weddings

Where you have to be introducing people to each other – we want to see realistic luxury intimate weddings where everyone that attends is valued and really important.

Terrible wedding trends

6. Too many speeches

We are all for equal rights but when 9 people feel they have to speak at a wedding it can get a bit monotonous. Keep it short and sweet.

Tacky wedding ideas

7. Fish and Chip dinners

So everyone wanted something different from formal sit down 3 courses, along came fish and chips, pie and mash and pizza vans! Bring back our fine dining and really cater for your guests. Food is such an important part of the event don’t downplay it.

8. Fireworks

We say find something more environmentally and animal friendly and always check the green credentials of suppliers if fireworks are a must.

9. Jam jar table centres and anything rustic

Please stop collecting jam jars, bottles and tins your wedding is not a recycling centre. These will still look like tins and jam jars on your table.

10. Flower walls

We are so over this trend Thanks Kim and Kanye while it lasted.

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Wedding trends

Wedding trends to avoid in 2020

10 wedding trends to avoid in 2020

Wedding day advice and tips

Wedding trends you should ignore