10 Hidden wedding costs you should know about

Hidden Wedding Costs

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How much does a wedding cost?

With the average UK wedding cost sitting at around £25K it’s going to be high up on your list of priorities on managing this pot of money successfully. Once everything is covered the last thing you need are wedding costs you haven’t budgeted for. For more ideas on planning your wedding on a budget follow our dedicated wedding budget board on Pinterest.

In this article we discuss

  • How much does a wedding cost?
  • Hidden costs not to be caught out by
  • The Wedding budget list
  • Where you can save money on your wedding costs.

Just to be clear your wedding can cost anything up to £25K or more if that is what you want.

Essential Wedding Tools:

  1. Wedding Planning Guide and Workbook (PDF)
  2. Wedding Planner & Calendars Printable (PDF)

Hidden wedding costs

The key is to set a budget or spending cap, manage whatever money you have to spend, cut your cloth accordingly and shop around.

Wedding costs

This is what a £25k wedding could look like.

Expect to spend £5-10k for up to 70 day guests and 100 evening guests at a mid range hotel, barn or country house style venue.

Dress £1500

Shoes & Accessories £250

Groom and Ushers £500

Rings £500

Stationery £300

Flowers £500

Venue Decor £500

Venue Props light up letters or a special dancefloor £500 per

Entertainment £1500 (Disco and Band)

Photobooth/candy buffet/chocolate fountain/casino tables are all popular additions £300-£500 per activity

Cake £400

Ceremony £500-800

Hair & Makeup on the Day £300

Bridesmaids £500

Hen party/stag party £800

Honeymoon £2500

Photography £2000

Transport £500

Wedding budget tips

Wedding costs you may not know about.

Planning your wedding is likely to be one of the most stressful things your likely to do, on top of probably already a very busy life – lets face it we are all super busy these days; coordinating lots of different suppliers as well keeping track of the guest numbers, pulling together the theme, juggling to keep everyone happy and perhaps the trickiest part, managing your budget!

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Keeping on top of wedding costs can be a challenge, especially when money is tight.  We would be quite willing to bet most weddings end up running over budget. But whilst you may have sized up the costs of all the major parts of your day , there are often a few others which can catch you out!

Wedding budget tips

1. Dress Alterations

After much deliberation the dress budget is set, and result the one you fall for comes in under budget, happy days! So you then go ahead and order that expensive tiara and designer shoes. Yeah, budget met! But slow down, last minute wedding nerves leaves you a couple inches short on your waist and you need last minute alterations! Any money left in your money pot? No, the coffers are bare!

2. Bridal Party Gifts

The chances are you have been thinking of this from the getgo, but chances are you left them off your budget spread sheet! Even if you’re just getting bouquets for your mums and maids, they can run up a hefty cost, so be prepared and plan ahead!

Wedding Costs that will catch you out

3. Postage

Posting your invites and thank you cards actually can cost the thick end of £100 – so make sure you account for it in your budget!

4. Over-time Costs

Whilst some suppliers will be lenient and hang about should your day go slightly off course, time is money! Some suppliers may be booked for a specific length of time or charge by the hour – check your contracts! In any case make sure you stick to your time plan (i.e don’t be late for your ceremony!) or, be prepared to pay your photographer over-time costs.

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5. Post Wedding Costs

There are often a few loose ends to tie up, and one that many people forget to factor in is wedding dress cleaning and storage options.

6. Service Charges, Tips and VAT

Double check all your agreements and contracts with suppliers and venues to make sure you’re aware of costs which don’t appear on your bills. Don’t build a budget based on quotes, think about VAT and enquire about service charges, especially from your venue.

7. Contingency Fund

Your dream country castle hotel is 100 miles from home,  every list has been ticked off and triple checked before setting off! But you just know that something vital will have been left back at home. Typical. Make sure to keep an emergency fund for last minute shopping trips!

8. Include Yourselves

Classic schoolboy error – always remember to count yourselves in head counts! Feeding everyone but yourselves is just crazy!

9. Hotel Accommodation

You’ve budgeted for the venue, the room for your wedding night, the honeymoon, but what about an early flight it might mean an extra night near your airport? Think about arrangements for your wedding party too. Make sure this is clearly communicated are you paying for the Best Man’s room or is he? Plan this into the budget, as it could equally add an extra few hundred pounds!

10. Beauty Treatments

Producing the best version of yourself doesn’t always start the day before! Some couples opt for weightloss programs, gym memberships, teeth whitening/straightening treatments.  It all adds up over the course of a few months. Not to mention on the day and before before the day, chances are you’ll be looking to invest in some additional beauty treatments. And if you have bridesmaids, you may be expected to pay for their hair and make-up too.  100% recommend getting in the pros if your budget allows it, so to make sure it does, factor it in from day 1!

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Wedding costs to put in a budget

The Wedding Budget List

In this list we identify all of the key expenses that you will need to keep a track of in your wedding budget.

  1. The Venue
  2. The Wedding Dress inc alterations
  3. Wedding Accessories
  4. Grooms Suit
  5. Grooms Accessories
  6. Ushers Suits
  7. Flowergirls and Pageboy outfits
  8. Other Attendants Thankyou gifts, grooms, ushers, parents, flowergirls and page boys
  9. Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories
  10. Bridesmaid Gifts
  11. Stationery
  12. Wedding Cake
  13. Flowers
  14. Transport and accommodation
  15. Wedding Ceremony
  16. Hair and Beauty Treatments pre-wedding
  17. Hair and Beauty on the day
  18. Reception Decorations
  19. Favours for guests
  20. Props for the venue
  21. The Honeymoon
  22. Entertainment
  23. Wedding Rings
  24. Stag and Hen Party
  25. Engagement Party
  26. Photography
  27. Videography
  28. Catering and Drinks

The Best Ways to Save Money

Tip1:  Start with the guest list more heads equals more spend.  Consider combining the day and evening as one, get married later in the day this way you only feed guests once. Organise a brunch for your immediate bridal party is a nice touch to keep the day really special from start to finish.

Tip2: Cut down on attendants do you really need to beat the Guinness book of world records for the most bridesmaids??

Tip3: DIY your own wedding stationery as this will save hundreds of pounds, use free tools such as Canva and have them printed here .  Check out this DIY Wedding Stationery tutorial

Money saving tips

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10 hidden wedding costs

Hidden wedding costs

Hidden Wedding costs

Wedding budget costs


Hidden wedding costs

Hidden wedding costs you need to look out for