10 minutes with…Tea with Ruby

10 minutes with…Tea with Ruby

We recently caught up with the lovely Jane from Tea with Ruby, when asked how to describe her job to us, Jane answered with: stylist, blogger, china love, interior demon, image devourer and pretty things admirer – now that’s a definitely a job title we’d love to have! We had so much fun having Jane on board with us at our recent photoshoot, (all will soon be revealed) at Whinstone View and we think you should be introduced to her too, such a talented lady!


How did your business begin?

I started writing my blog about 3 years ago when I started a china hire business, things have obviously evolved from there, the china hire is no longer happening but the blog has come to the fore. I don’t see myself with a title as such but I dare say these words describe what I do quite well; stylist, blogger, china lover, interior demon, image devourer & pretty things admirer.

I like it how things organically change over time, you find yourself on a path that you certainly didn’t intend to go on at the beginning of this journey.



Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Yes without realising it for many a year.  I was always art inspired as a child and did rather well in the subject at school. After working in the IT industry for many years I stopped to be a Mum that’s when I had the time to get creative again.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere, those that are around me, my family and friends and let me tell you , I have some rather talented friends from textile designers, to makers, stylists and florists. We are all in the same game and utterly love what we do. I’m also inspired by designers, antiques dealers, home and lifestyle gurus such as Ben Pentreath, Josephine Ryan, Christina Strutt and Hilary Robertson the list is endless.

Every day is a highlight for me, as every piece I write or project I am involved in is the most important at that moment in time. Having my home featured in a national magazine this year was a pretty good one though!


What could you bring to someone’s wedding day?

I’m not really involved in the wedding world as such, but if I were to oversee the styling of a couples big day I would hope it would be unique, I like natural elements, a seasonal cohesive look with a hint of quirkiness.


What’s been your favourite project to work on?

I have had many a favourite but working on the Kiss the Bride DIY project has been a lot of fun.  I like creating things out of nothing, it’s amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.  Seeing the results in print will be a joy.

What is the favourite thing about your job?

The freedom of being your own boss is wonderful, you choose what you do and when which is perfect for me as I am a wife and Mum first and foremost. 

Also the creativity no two days are the same, the twists and turns it has lead me down have truly been life changing.


What’s next for Tea with Ruby?

More blog posts a few for clients a few for myself.  As winter turns to spring the buying and selling of home wares for my sideline business Owen and Hunter steps up a gear.  All in all doing what I love doing on a daily basis, it doesn’t get much better than that!
For more information check out: teawithruby.co.uk
Also see Jane’s work in the new issue of our magazine due out in Spring!


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