10 Reasons to Advertise with KTB

10 Reasons to Advertise with KTB

Here at KTB we know that suppliers are sick and tired of being hounded by angry advertising people on a daily basis. With this in mind we set ourselves a part from the rest, so grab a cuppa and settle down as we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to advertise with us and show you how it will be of benefit.
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1. Distribution – We pride ourselves on our extensive distribution with over 10,000 copies going out to brides and grooms-to-be, throughout Teesside and North Yorkshire.
2. Targeted Marketing – Our copies of the magazine go directly into the hands of our brides and grooms personally, making sure a large portion go out through fairs and the rest through our trusted partners.
3. Value for Money – Our magazine is now an exciting annual edition, which means you have a sound marketing plan set in place for the whole 12 months!
4. Sound Advice – We will advise you of the best options for marketing to help you get the orders through. And why wouldn’t we? It’s in our interests for this to work for you and a large portion of our business is repeat clients who return to us again and again.
5. Engaging Content – We endeavour to populate our social media channels and blog with current and engaging material and exciting new content for our readers, this is why we have a growing following.
6. Trust – Our brand is built upon trust and assurity. We do this through organising and attending events plus our own networking events which we hold, this gives your business and us as KTB the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know you in a face to face environment.
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7. Our Blog – We blog regularly but it’s not a speed race, we prefer quality over quantity and more often than not we like to talk about you and give our readers suppliers to be excited about.
8. Personal Approach – We encourage feedback, we like to advise you and we want to work with you over 12 months for an overall benefit. There is no instant quick fix to advertising and marketing no matter how healthy your website traffic is.
9. Social Media – We like to hang out and get social every day, we love talking about our recommended suppliers especially on Wedding Wednesday and our dedicated Supplier Weeks where we just talk about you!
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10. Testimonials – It’s not just us that think so too, here’s what some of our suppliers have said about us…
Cordelia & Co. – “My businesses successful growth is due it’s relationship with KTB. Businesses such mine are inundated daily with a barrage of sales and marketing contacts all promising incredible and often unrealistic results. KTB and their whole approach is different. From the very beginning they took a genuine interest in my business and ‘me’, the person behind it! They represented and marketed my services on a variety of platforms such as social media and print. KTB have established a ‘trust’ approach with both their audience and their suppliers. This has taken time and care and I believe it’s this approach that is the key to their success. Ultimately, marketing my business with KTB works – their distribution is wide and they always average in the top ranking platforms on my website’s Google analytics!”

“I have been made to feel part of a team with plenty of opportunities always available and many social events to take part in. I know my relationship with KTB will continue to grow with my business and would recommend any wedding industry supplier to become part of the KTB family, without hesitation!”

Ruby Shoes Wedding – “I like Kiss the Bride’s approach to offering something a little different. The Wedding Fayres are usually in more intimate and relaxed settings, where you can spend quality time with couples. I have always found that the fayres attract couples who are looking to engage with suppliers and not just browse and have not only always generated business from the fayres, but also made good connections with other suppliers. I feel that Kiss the Bride are not just about taking advertising space from suppliers, they are keen to work with me and develop their product offers to benefit suppliers and support my business through social media and networking events. I have had direct contacts through the website listing and am really looking forward to seeing the new style inspiration book for the next issue,which I think couples will use as a resource rather than just a magazine.”
BexBrides – “I can vouch for Kiss the Bride they are an amazing blog, directory and magazine. Nearly all my work comes from them. (And at £130 a year, to be in the online directory, have an ad in the magazine and get talked about regularly on their blog, website and social media – it’s a steal! Probably, no, definitely, the best £130 a year I spend out of the hundreds I spend on marketing.”
For more information on how to advertise with us, contact: sarah@kissthebride.biz
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