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10 Wedding ideas that waste money

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Wedding ideas are coming at you quicker than you can say I do. They may not cost much but overall it could stack up to a wedge of money either you can’t afford or you could do something more worthwhile with.  The article may appear a bit judgemental, who are we to say what you can and can’t have but you should have the opportunity to reign things in and put things in perspective. At the end of the day your not kids so you should make wise choices. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

How do you know what is a good idea and what is a complete load of rubbish. This list will guide you through all the popular Wedding ideas that waste money

Wedding costs can soon spiral out of control if you don’t have your wits about you. Everything seems like a good idea when your excited to be planning a wedding. However, so many wedding ideas are just a waste of money. Most guests won’t even realise or remember that you didn’t provide everything on this list. So save yourselves some money and and ban these wedding ideas that waste money.

Weddings are a far cry from what they were, every year becoming more lavish with new ideas popping up all of the time. Putting ridiculously expectations on couples to spend more, is not what getting married is all about.

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We are going to show you all the unnecessary extras you are likely to be tempted to splurge on. However, these won’t make a difference to your big day. Cutting back on these wedding costs will save you a significant chunk of money on your day.

1.Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours are an accepted wedding tradition but not one that you have to spend money on. Gifts are given to guests usually at their place setting as a token of appreciation by the bride and groom.  The problem is that gifts are either tacky keepsakes that guests really don’t want or they start to become too expensive. A token of appreciation could be a personalised note or poem. Alternatively, an edible wedding favour is likely to be the most well received. Edible wedding favours can easily by a wedding DIY, we suggest this fabulous home made Jam wedding DIY

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The act of gift giving is really thoughtful but when it comes to weddings be mindful of thinking that everyone that needs thanking need a gift to go with that thanks. Costs can soon spiral out of control pretty quickly. Often we think if we do for one we have to do for all. Unfortunately this train of thought will put you under pressure to spend more than you have to.

3. Expensive Champagne

When it comes to the toast at the end of the wedding breakfast, stick to a sparkling wine or prosecco to keep the costs down.  Not everyone likes champagne so why waste it. Save a bottle for your room for later…

4. Programs and Menu Cards

A full stationery suite with all of the bells and whistles will set you back a fair bit.  The guests really won’t miss what they haven’t got.  Instead opt for a central board that you can with all relevant details on. This is also a good icebreaker for guests and will keep wedding stationery costs down.

5. Too many guests

Over inviting is something you will wrestle with from the get go. Decide on your overall numbers and do not deviate. Cutting out plus ones, kids and distant relatives are all ways to keep the guest list in check. Just remember more guests equal more costs. Another way to look at this is to work out the cost per head for each guest to attend your wedding. Then ask yourself the question would you spend this amount on them taking them out to dinner or perhaps a Christmas gift. If the answer is no then don’t invite.

6. Three Course Wedding Breakfast

A significant portion of your budget could easily be spent on wining and dining your guests.  There is no rule that says you have to feed your guests a three course meal.  Check out this post on alternative wedding catering ideas to give you some ideas what else you can be doing.

7. Save the Dates

This is another wedding idea vastly inflated by stationery suppliers in the wedding industry.  If your set on Save the Dates, just send an email. My issue with save the Dates is that once they are sent your stuck with your guest list.

8. Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is something of a new concept and becoming more popular as time goes by.  As the big day nears just organise a pub lunch where everyone pays there own way. If you start sending out invites for a rehearsal dinner then you will be footing the bill for this.

9. Sunglasses

Don’t waste your money on providing a bucket full of cheap sunglasses no one will wear. These may look fun on pics but that is as far as it should go.

10. Flip Flops

Another money waster, again do you need to provide flip flops for guests, seriously.


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