11 Rare antique engagement rings

Edwardian sapphire engagement ring

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Nothing says personal and well thought through than antique engagement rings.  With their own slice of history, an antique engagement ring is an instant heirloom for your future generations.

With the idea of a big wedding celebration being seriously curtailed for the forseeable you might be thinking about how you can make a small and intimate wedding a date to remember. Well, there is no better way to make a statement with your bride, than with a significant investment in the engagement ring. It’s not unusual for couples to be spending £5000 or more on an engagement ring. Keep reading to check out our favourites.

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However, more importantly finding an engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery. It has deeply personal significance and is a continuation of your journey together as a couple.  It’s one milestone in your life you will always remember and cherish. Therefore, going all out to mark the occasion is especially apt right now.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings have become a very popular and sought after pieces of jewellery. The idea of an engagement ring that is rare and a one off is much more unique and appealing for some couples. The added significance of finding a rare antique engagement ring that already has some history really does add to your own personal journey.

How old is an Antique Engagement Ring?

Typically to be classified as an antique, it would need to be 100 years old or more. Don’t be fooled by cleverly worded adverts either, a vintage style engagement ring or antique style engagement rings are nothing more than a reproduction and most certainly not a genuine authentic find. There are some popular periods that define the style of engagement ring you might be looking for.

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Victorian Engagement Rings

Victorian Engagement rings generally were produced during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901.  Engagement rings were typically a cluster of diamonds in a daisy design alternative ideas feature two stones representing two people coming together. Notably Tiffanys launched the single diamond solitaire perched on a gold band synonymous with the engagement ring designs we know today.

Edwardian Engagement Rings

An edwardian engagement ring is going to have been created between 1901-1920. Edwardian engagement rings from this period engagement rings were defined by their delicate and detailed lace like settings. Metal favoured platinum and white old over gold.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

The most sought after period for engagement rings is art deco from 1920’s to 1930’s. Designs were dominated by geometric designs and calibre cut gem stones as well as baguette diamonds. Usually featuring one large central stone that defined some iconic engagement rings of this period.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Well this is the million dollar question, whatever you spend can set the bar for your life together. It’s therefore an important decision to make.  The unwritten rule of thumb seems to be anywhere between 2 and 3 months salary, which probably originated from within the industry. By all means don’t feel pressured, what you spend on an engagement ring is a personal choice. All be it for some it is a valuable status symbol to show others your on the up.

Only you know your partner to decide what their expectations would be and therefore what you should spend on an engagement ring.  Not spending enough could mean you get a resounding No at the asking… We have rounded up some of our favourite big budget antique engagement rings over £5000.

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Art Deco 1930’s enagement ring

The beautiful geometric frame setting was typical of the design you would see from this era. This antique engagement ring is priced at £5200 and available on Etsy from Art deco Diamonds 

Art Deco antique engagement ring

Also from Art Deco Diamonds on Etsy and priced at £6300

Art Deco Diamond engagement ring

1920’s Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

With this stunning art deco antique engagement ring you can own a slice of history that makes this so unique. The ring was originally owned by a wealthy couple married in San Francisco in the 1920s priced at £6000 and available from Pave Heirloom on Etsy

Art Deco engagement ring

Art Deco 1920s antique engagement ring

A stunning marquise diamond engagement ring originating in the 1920’s priced at £6800 from Verma Estate Jewels on Etsy 

Art Deco antique engagement ring

Edwardian 3.3 ct Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring

This beautiful three stone antique engagement ring is a truly special engagement ring. Priced at over £12000 and available on Etsy from Chains of Gold

Edwardian sapphire engagement ring

Edwardian Diamond Cluster Ring

This gorgeous platinum antique diamond cluster engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry on Etsy  features a 0.7 carat centre diamond and is in the typical daisy pattern. Price £6800

Antique engagement ring

Hold your breath this beauty is over 3 carats and will set you back a well deserved £8000 this fine edwardian engagement ring is from Hawk Antiques on Etsy

Edwardian antique engagement ring

Edwardian Toi et Moi Engagement ring

This substantial 3.3 carat you and me Edwardian engagement ring will set you back over £10000. Find this ring on Etsy  at The Vintage Jeweller GB

Edwardian diamond engagement ring

Victorian Sapphire engagement ring

A pretty and rare antique sapphire engagement ring from the Victorian era. Priced at £7200 from Antique Velvet Gloves on etsy

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Antique sapphire engagement ring

Victorian Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring

This is a substantial Victorian sapphire and diamond antique engagement ring from Laurelle Ltd on Etsy fetching over £16000

Victorian antique engagement ring

Victorian Blue Zircon cluster ring

The popularity of gemstones like zircon really took off in the Victorian era. This incredible 10.5 carat victorian engagement ring is a real statement piece, priced at £9350. Find this rare antique engagement ring at adamas jewellery on etsy

10.5 carat blue Zircon Victorian engagement ring

Antique engagement rings