13 Wedding Traditions that you can ignore

13 Wedding Traditions that you can ignore Reading Time: 4 minutes

When are you right to ignore wedding traditions is a question we get asked all of the time. Usually it’s elder relatives that pluck these ideas and superstitions out of nowhere and it can be quite stressful keeping everyone happy.  The good news is that there is no wedding traditions rule book that you have to follow, the laws only apply to the legal part of getting married not who takes you down the aisle or gives you away.

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Here are some wedding traditions and ideas that are fairly outdated and should be discarded altogether.

Wedding Traditions that you don't need

If you’re having sleepless nights over your plus-ones, you’re not alone. We’ve come up with solutions to the top table gripes, money nightmares and bridesmaid battles, so you can get back to worrying about colour schemes and cake sampling.

1. Tossing the Bouquet

The idea that all your single friends compete to catch your bouquet in order to prove who will marry next is more likely to have them seeking out the bar, pronto! There is something a little bit cringy about this tradition and it is one that your not going to miss.  Plus your going to be ruining a perfectly good and expensive bouquet of flowers.

2. The Wedding Garter

The idea of trying to keep a piece frilly elastic on your leg in place is just one wedding tradition too far. It’s so unnecessary – ditch it!

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3. You don’t have to invite people who asked you to their wedding 

First of all, you need to remember that this is your day and no one else’s. In an ideal world, everyone would be kept happy but it’s a wedding after all. If you’re worrying about whether to invite your old friend from university or your gym instructor whose wedding you reluctantly went to last summer, it’s a no-brainer.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no to children 

They may look like butter wouldn’t melt in the photos but if numbers are tight and you’d prefer to give the slot to a friend who will tell you how amazing you look, rather than scream their way through your dad’s emotional speech, then don’t be afraid to put a ban on children.

5. You can organise your own hen night 

We know that it’s tradition for your chief bridesmaid to do this job, but if the thought of a complete surprise terrifies you then you could take matters into your own hands. Do whatever suits you.

6. It’s okay if your bridesmaid has a bump

You’re thrilled that your best friend has announced her pregnancy but part of you goes into panic mode. This doesn’t have to be the case, your bridesmaid will still be able to play her part in your wedding just the same!

7. Do without the first dance

For some, the idea of romantically moving around the dance floor is what nightmares are made of. If that sounds like you then make things easy and don’t succumb to peer pressure, just don’t do a first dance. Your day is meant to be enjoyable not full of anxiety.

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8. Your parents can still afford to pay the bills

Gone are the days when your parents were expected to foot the bill of your entire wedding. Of course, if they want to then who are we to argue! But now lots of couples choose to fund their day themselves or with smaller contributions from each set of parents.

9. Don’t stress over the top table 

Family life can be complicated. Divorced parents and nightmare mother-in-laws can make the top table plans not run so smoothly. If that’s the case then there’s no rule to say that you have to have one. A good idea we’ve seen recently is for the bride and groom to have their own table so no one gets into a fight about who sits next to you both. Problem averted!

10. The Honeymoon straight after the wedding

Don’t feel compelled to have your honeymoon straight after your wedding. In fact it is a great idea to have that holiday of a life time some time later. It’s often a huge comedown after the wedding and this gives you something to look forward to.

Wedding traditions

11. It’s fine not to have Bridesmaids

Another time honoured tradition that is over rated. If you want bridesmaids fine but don’t rack your brains as to who you can ask if it doesn’t suit your situation.

12. You can organise your own Hen Party

Organising your own hen party is certainly something you can do.

13. The white wedding dress

There are lots of options when it comes to the kind of wedding dress you can wear. Whilst ivory and white are still considered traditional bridal wear colours. Floral, Champagne, blush and Ombre Wedding dresses are also very popular with modern brides.

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