15 Classic Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage Diamond Engagement ring

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There is nothing that is more timeless and enduring than classic diamond engagement rings. In these uncertain times, making that next step in your relationship may have just jumped up on your list of priorities. There may not be the opportunity for an extravagant proposal but a classic diamond ring says everything.

We have rounded up 15 eye popping diamond engagement rings that you will absolutely love.

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Traditional Engagement Rings

A stunning 4.62 Carat Pave classic Diamond engagement ring from Brooklyn Lilly Jewellery on Etsy is an absolute classic style. This is a traditional engagement ring which is absolutely timeless.

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This beauty is a unique rough diamond engagement ring in a pretty rose gold setting. From Dawn Vertrees Jewelery via Etsy

Rough Diamond Engagement ring

Our next unique engagement ring is a beautiful White misty diamond engagement ring by A second time on Etsy

Misty White diamond engagement ring

This Art Deco diamond engagement ring from Gatsby Jewels on Etsy is absolutely stunning.

Art Deco Diamond Engagement ring

A beautiful Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagment ring from Aardvark Jewelery which has gorgeous grey tones making it completely unique.

Salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring by KK vintage collection on Etsy.

Vintage Diamond Engagement ring

1930’s twist three stone ring featuring old cut diamonds from KK Vintage Collection on Etsy.

Vintage engagement ring

A champagne rose diamond engagement ring by Jewel Luxe on Etsy. 

Champagne Diamond engagement ring

This is a gorgeous 2 Carat old cut art Deco diamond engagement ring from the 50s with two pairs of stunning ice white baguette diamonds.

Gatsby Jewels on Etsy 

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Art Deco engagement ring

This is a gorgeous marquise diamond engagement ring by Gem Arts Co on Etsy


Marquise Diamond Engagement rings

A Beautiful 40s style traditional engagement ring from KK Vintage collection on Etsy


KK Vintage Collection

A 5 diamond engagement ring from KK Vintage collection.

5 Diamond Engagement ring

This vintage style beauty is absolutely breathtaking. The classic engagement ring has such a depth of character it’s more than a piece of jewellery.  From Kk Vintage Collection on Etsy

Vintage engagement ring

A beautiful Emerald cut platinum engagement ring. This is such a classic and modern design with a really minimalist look.

A stunning floral diamond engagement is a really stunning piece of jewellery by KK Vintage collection on Etsy

Floral Diamond Engagement ring

Diorah Jewellery on Etsy 

Diamond Engagement rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings