15 huge stress factors you will face planning a wedding

15 huge stress factors you will face planning a wedding Reading Time: 5 minutes

With good reason planning a wedding is very stressful. It can often see the most chilled out families on the verge of falling out.

The best way to deal with this is being super prepared, just facing up to these trigger points will help you immensely.  We have identified 15 of the most likely situations that will cause stress in the lead up to the wedding.

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1. Pleasing everyone

With two families both to organise, strong personalities will rise to the fore. The good thing is you know who these people are already.  Always have a clear vision of what you want, any indecision will lead to compromises. If in doubt just don’t spill it out keep your cards close to your chest.

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2. Not getting the specific item or supplier you want for your big day.

This may happen but be flexible and broaden your horizens there are so many talented suppliers that will be available.

3. Comparison, green eyed monster.

The chances are you will know many friends in your circle getting engaged or married. Planning a wedding is not about the best party you can throw.

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4. You didn’t manage to hit your goal weight before the big day.

OK, we know you want to look your best on the big day but making significant lifestyle changes shouldn’t be motivated by one day.  Making this an ongoing plan will ensure you will achieve your goal.

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5. How to handle negative comments while planning a wedding…

I am not sure what is worse having people talking behind your back or saying straight up to your face. Try to be as objective as possible there may be good reason and it may give you chance to modify your plans.

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6. Mother in law getting too involved…

Most of the time people just have good intentions and it’s probably a good idea to work with the situation rather than against it. Going head to head with in-laws before the wedding is not a great start for married life and you both need to be on the same page to deal with this.  Occasionally a mother in law may not have the best relationship with his or her son or daughter and this can be a source of continual friction.  Sometimes, the best way to deal with this is just accept the situation and try not to let it bother you.

7. Family politics

Families can be complex especially if parents have separated and there are new partners involved.  It may be complex if this is your second marriage and their are children and past partners to take into account. Treating everyone the same can help and having impeccable communication is also key to a smooth wedding.

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8. Moaning about the seating plan

Organising the seating plan can often be a the biggest challenge while planning a wedding, leaving you both with sleepless nights. It doesn’t help if you have last minute guest changes to consider perhaps a few guests can’t make it at the last minute. Keep an open mind about the seating plan if you have to make last minute adjustments. Just make sure the table numbers are fairly even, no one wants to be sat on the table with the fewest guests as this will just stand out for all the wrong reasons.

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9. Embarrassing speeches

The speeches are a trusted responsibility so ensure you choose your speakers wisely. Provide some guidance about the kind of things you specifically don’t want including and hope they respect your wishes.

10. Photos of your dress being shared among friends.

It might seem really exciting taking your girl gang dress shopping.  However, unless you state no pictures you can be sure that you dress choices will be shown to all and sundry.

11. Wedding photos being shared on social media…

Provide a note in the invitation details about your wishes on this matter and perhaps a sign at the event expressing your wishes.

12. The weather

This is one element you have no control over.  We might all dream of a glorious summer day for your August wedding the reality could be anything else. Make sure you are prepared for rain in summer and snow in winter.

13. The cost of the wedding

Fighting over the cost of the wedding is often the single biggest cause of stress!  When your planning a wedding the wedding finances need to be agreed and a budget drafted up front before anything is booked. This is the only sure way to track your expenses and save on the arguments.

14. Bridesmaids not agreeing on their dresses.

Choose your bridesmaids wisely especially if you have a very set idea of what you want them to wear.

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15. Parents having too much say on the guest list.

If the parents are contributing financially then expect them to want to invite some guests that they would normally socialise with. It might be the compromise you need to make to ensure their financial contribution is appreciated.

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