16 Things to do after the wedding

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After the wedding there is usually quite a few loose ends that need tieing up. It’s important to spend some time to get these jobs finished otherwise it’s like that library book you forget to return – it’s always there.

Wedding to do lists

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Things you must do after the wedding

1.Finalise the photo album

Generally you need to pick your favourite images out of a pretty huge selection so the photographer can organise your wedding. Make sure you do this while everything is fresh in your mind.

2.Clean the dress, accessories and organise proper storage.

Whatever you do don’t just fling your dress in the dress bag and stuff it in your wardrobe. Have the dress cleaned and laundered so the dress lasts longer.

3.Ebay excess items

You may have additional wedding items leftover from the wedding. Don’t let them languish in The Wedding scrapyard make some cash back by selling. Try Facebook selling groups, ebay and gumtree.

4.Return Hired and borrowed items

Anything that has been hired will need to be returned to the suppliers as per the terms and conditions. There is more than likely a timed return date and conditions of return have to be met to get any deposits back.

Post wedding checklist

5.Thank you letters for gifts to friends and family.

Don’t leave writing Thankyou cards, the longer you leave it the more likely you will forget and not do it.

6.Organise for family to see the video and photo album

Another reason to get everyone together, organise a family get together with drinks and nibbles to really get everyone in the mood.

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Wedding checklists

7.Change your last name and update bank details and bill statements

Once you have your marriage certificate you can begin the process of changing your name. It can take quite a bit of time so make a list and just keep ticking them off as you go.

8.Change your driving licence and passport if you haven’t done so.

This one is super important, having an out of date driving licence could incur you a penalty.

9.Create a will and get life insurance

Contrary to popular opinion this is not a job for old people. Your now a couple and therefore financially will rely on each other. It’s important to ensure your covered financially to protect your other half.

Things to do after the wedding

10.Make Final payments that may be outstanding

Don’t forget to make any final outstanding payments. Most payments are usually due before the wedding but there could be a bill at the venue perhaps outstanding for any extra’s. Our guests all got midnight munchies, our hotel manager kindly provided bacon butties which was all to pay for the next day.

11.Take some time to write reviews for your wedding suppliers.

Wedding suppliers go above and beyond to make your day special and a nice review afterwards will go a long way towards helping their businesses.

12.Spend some time with friends and family.

In the run up to the wedding normal routines are often put on the back burner. Get back into the swing of things before you become a social outcast.

13.Take your parents out for dinner

The chances are you won’t have spent much quality time with your parents on your big day. The day goes in a heartbeat. Your wedding day is a huge emotional moment for parents and spending some quality time with them afterwards is a lovely gesture.

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14.Make a plan for your first year as newlyweds.

The period after your wedding can often be a bit of a come down. The wedding build up and the big day itself is a huge euphoric bubble that sadly bursts after the wedding. Couples often experience post wedding blues.  To combat this celebrate your first year together making something out of the milestones together. We are not talking expensive gifts it could be experiences together.

15. Organise your wedding finances

If you’ve been left with a financial hangover make sure you gave robust plans in place to pay it off. Now is the time to come clean about any secret spending you might have indulged in before the wedding.

16. Check in with your venue

As a courtesy make sure you ring the venue to ensure everything was in order when you left. Ensure suppliers have collected any items they were mean’t to. Ask about lost property guests always leave things behind

Post wedding checklists


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