17 Wedding Budget Tips and Ideas

Wedding Budget Tips and Ideas Reading Time: 6 minutes

Planning the Wedding Budget is key

Having a plan from the beginning is key to preventing your wedding costs spiralling out of control. Use these wedding budget tips in your wedding planning to save money on your big day.

1. Choose the date wisely

Our number 1 Wedding budget tip is regarding when you hold your wedding.  This could potentially have a huge bearing on the cost of your wedding day.

  •  Summer is the height of the season for weddings.  Peak season means dates and suppliers are in high demand which pushes the price up.
  •  Jan, Feb, Oct and Nov tend to be slow months for weddings so there is a better chance of picking up a deal.
  • Avoid months with key holidays Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays and Mother’s Day as typically venues will run events to boost trade. 

2. Set a Wedding Budget

Define your budget and get quotes so you can track expenses.  This is one of the most expensive things you will ever plan, even if you are on a small budget the wedding is still likely to creep into 4 or 5 figures.

  • Work out what you can afford, what you can save, if any financial contributions will be included and set your budget.  
  • Always leave room to go over, so never set your budget at the maximum level you can afford.

Wedding budget tips and des

3. Track ALL of your wedding costs

Track all expenses ongoing so that you don’t overspend.  The emphasis is on ALL expenses here as the saying goes the devil is in the detail and there is a lot of detail in planning a wedding. 

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Wedding Budget tips and ideas

4. Research your ideas first

Research ideas online first, do not go window shopping at wedding fairs -resist the temptation to splurge on impulse ideas.

Free wedding checklist

5. Keep the theme simple

Keep the theme simple so you don’t need to go mad on props. This is where you need to think outside the box.

  • Make a wish list and ask friends if they can help with either a DIY element or an alternative idea.

Wedding budget tips

6. Is DIY really cheaper?

Cost out and compare your DIY ideas to ensure they really will save you money.

7. Haggle with suppliers

Haggle with suppliers for the best deals. There is definitely an art to negotiating to get better prices, the trick is to getting a balance. Everyone should walk away feeling like they have gained something. The trouble is if you go in too hard and  screw someone down so hard on price they will resent the order and fulfill it professionally but grudgingly and you certainly are less likely to get any extra’s or above and beyond help. 

Top tip:  Look around for new suppliers, ones just starting out that are perhaps hooking to build a portfolio, a great recommendation at the end is a good incentive. 

Cons: Expect teething troubles.

Pros:  Equally the supplier is more likely to be exceptionally thorough as they won’t want anything to go awry. 

8. Consider a midweek wedding

Midweek not a Saturday as this is the most popular day, demand pushes up the price.

  • Try a Friday or even a Sunday to see if this makes a difference.
  • Often the most popular venues will still charge a premium for Friday and Sunday. 
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9. More Guests equals more cost – fact!

Trim the guest list and keep it small, the number of guests will seriously rocket the wedding bill. Start reducing the numbers by taking out plus ones, kids, work colleagues and distant family. 

10. Is your venue space too big?

The venue is probably going to be the biggest area of spend. If you get a cheap venue deal but its a large space you will fill compelled to fill it, so your guest list gets bigger. Consider smaller venue spaces as this will make you keep your guest list small. Everyone always over invites to their wedding.

11. Combine elements

Ceremony at the venue will combine two things at once.

12. Cheaper ceremony options

Registry office wedding is cheaper than a church wedding.

13. Get married later in the day

Combine the day and evening do and get married later in the day. This could be a huge cost saving for you. Only one set of guests to invite. Likely to only need to feed the guests once too, big cost saving here. Probably only one lot of entertainment needed – bonus!!  

14. This DIY will save you money

DIY your wedding stationery or send e invites can save you hundreds of pounds.

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Pre-designed stationery that you print yourself either using an online printer or even your home printer.

15. Get creative with your cake

Opt for a DIY cake, we are not talking tackling a 4 tier showstopper but think outside the box.  

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Can you create a profiterole stack, baked chocolate brownies can be piled up and dressed with fruit and flowers high street or even a fresh donut stack.  

16. How to save on your wedding dress

Choose wedding outfits from the high street will most definitely save you money.

  • Take a look at online retailers ASOS where you can seriously bag a bargain.  These wedding dresses on ASOS are around the £100 mark which is incredible when the average wedding dress could cost more like £1000.
  • Another advantage of taking your time to plan the wedding is you can take advantage of the best sales.
  • Beware of deals too good to be true, especially online. 

For advice buying your wedding dress online we suggest this post. 

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Lace wedding dress

17. DIY your wedding catering

DIY venue and cater yourselves, the venue is one of the biggest expenses and venues make their money on food and drink.  

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At a DIY venue you will have scope to use whatever suppliers you like, heck some weddings the guests all bring dishes to contribute to the food in a  buffet.  Grazing Tables are completely on trend where fresh meat, pickles, cheeses, fruits and salads are displayed. 

Make sure you print out all of these wedding budget tips and ideas and add them to your wedding planner, this way you won’t forget these ideas as you go along. 

Wedding budget tips

Free wedding checklist

Wedding budget tips

Budget wedding ideas

Wedding budget tips

Wedding budget tips

Wedding budget tips

Wedding budget tips


Ways to save money on your wedding

Save money on your wedding


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