1920's Beauty Edit from Cordelia and Co

1920's Beauty Edit from Cordelia and Co

Joining us on the blog this morning  from our panel of experts is Anna Mason from Cordelia and Co.  We caught up with Anna recently in between photoshoots and bridal assignments to find out what defines this iconic 1920’s look, and how it can be translated in to a modern day wearable bridal look.

Over to you Anna…

Silent screen siren Clara Bow is considered by many as the defining face and look of the 1920s. The makeup of this decade being a strong smokey smudged eye, perky cheeks, vava voom red lips against an extremely pale complexion.  The look was influenced by both culture and perhaps the limited makeup available to hand.
Clara  Bow
This was the era of Egyptology and Cleopatras kohl eye makeup translated perfectly. Today’s amazing eye pencil formulas and longevity mean achieving the perfect smudgey eye is easy and it will last!


Think doe and rounded, this is the only time I would advise bringing your eyeliner and shadow downwards at the outer corner to create an almost ‘sad’ eyed look.  Lose the sixties strip lashes and keep yours long and fluttery with either individual lash inserts or lashings of lengthening mascara.


Time to ditch the bronze and fake tan ladies! Complexions were pale and creamy alabaster or porcelain. If you are lucky enough to be unmarked by the sun, play it up and powder, powder and powder some more, as the 20’s were all about matte!b7a581a0072fc9cf9119784644184df0


1920’s lipstick formulas was quite frankly ‘bad’ and this in turn led ladies to actually paint their lips smaller within the inner corners of their mouths to avoid colour bleed!
We don’t need to worry about such things with such a vast range of lipstick products out there. But to get that perfect Clara Bow Cupid’s bow, simply take your base over your lip line. Then use a dark red lip pencil to create a perfect crisp finish and fill in with lip colour…. any colour as long as it’s red!

Finally brows…

Super thin brows associated with this era didn’t actually come into play till almost the 1930’s! Which is a good thing as nothing is more ageing than an over thin brow. Keep them full, keep them natural and fill in if need with ‘brow powder’ and an angular brush.

Your Makeup Bag Essentials…

Well seeing as Mr Max factor invented his first coloured gloss in 1928!…
Also Urban Decay lip pencils and MAC lip colours.  MUA at super drug do some amazing velvet lip glosses too!

Anna  x
Cordelia and Co
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