20 Disney Wedding Readings guests will love

20 Disney Wedding Readings guests will love

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We have rounded up our favourite Disney Wedding Readings that can be read by young and old, filled with heartfelt messages that make them perfect for a wedding ceremony reading.

Choosing a Disney themed wedding is a great way to bring together the ages, from young to old who doesn’t love Disney.  Especially if you already have family nothing gets children more excited than a big Disney fairytale wedding.

Other Wedding Readings: 

1. Lady And The Tramp

Side by side with your loved one, you’ll find enchantment here.
The night will weave its magic spell when the one you love is near.

2. Peter Pan

So come with me,
Where dreams are born,
And time is never planned.
Just think of happy things,
And your heart will fly on wings,
Forever, in Never Never Land.

Its easy to see why these Disney Wedding readings are going to be great guest pleasers, easy to understand, relatable and heartfelt make great ceremony readings.

Disney wedding readings

3. Winnie The Pooh

If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.

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4. Tarzan

Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
And hold it tight
I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don’t you cry
For one so small,
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you,
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can’t be broken
I will be here
Don’t you cry
‘Cause you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forevermore
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart

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Disney wedding readings

5. The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

Here is my heart
Waiting for you
Here is my soul
I eat at chez nous
Love will find a way
If you want it to
Love will find a way
Love will find a way for me and you.

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6. The Little Mermaid

Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
Possible she wants you too
There is one way to ask her
It don’t take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl.

7. Frozen

We’re not saying you can change them, ‘cuz people don’t really change
We’re only saying that love’s a force that’s powerful and strange
People make bad choices if they’re mad, or scared, or stressed
Throw a little love their way (throw a little love their way) and you’ll bring out their best.
True love brings out their best!
Everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper, that’s what it’s all about!
Father! Sister! Brother! We need each other to raise us up and round us out
Everyone’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but when push comes to shove…
The only fixer-upper fixer that can fix up a fixer-upper is true love.

8. Bambi

Love is a song that never ends
Life may be swift and fleeting
Hope may die yet love’s beautiful music
Comes each day like the dawn
Love is a song that never ends
One simple theme repeating
Like the voice of a heavenly choir
Love’s sweet music flows on.

Disney wedding readings

9. The Princess And The Frog

For the way, you changed my plans
For being the perfect distraction
For the way, you took the idea that I have
Of everything that I wanted to have
And made me see there was something missing
For the ending of my first beginning
And for the rare and unexpected friend
For the way, you’re something that I’d never choose
But at the same time, something I don’t wanna lose
And never wanna be without ever again
You’re the best thing I never knew I needed
So when you were here I had no idea
You are the best thing I never knew I needed
So now it’s so clear, I need you here always.

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9. Cinderella

So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I’m all aglow
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings
And I can fly
I’ll touch ev’ry star in the sky
So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of
So this is love.

Disney wedding readings

10. Finding Nemo

Please don’t go away. Please?
No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before.
And if you leave… if you leave… I just, I remember things better with you.
I do, look. P. Sherman, forty-two… forty-two… I remember it, I do.
It’s there, I know it is because when I look at you, I can feel it.
And I look at you, and I’m home.

11. Aladdin

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways, and under
On a magic carpet ride
A whole new world, that’s where we’ll be
A wondrous place, for you and me.

12. Toy Story

You’ve got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you’ve got a friend in me
Yeah, you’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got troubles, and I’ve got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and can see it through
‘Cause you’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got a friend in me.

13. Enchanted

Though the world will tell you it’s not smart,
The world can be yours if you let your heart,
Believe in ever after.
No wonder your heart feels it’s flying,
Your head feels it’s spinning.
Each happy ending’s a brand new beginning!
Let yourself be enchanted, you just might breakthrough
To ever ever after.

14. Sleeping Beauty

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
Yet I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.

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15. Snow White

Some day when spring is here
We’ll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Some day when my dreams come true.

16. Robin Hood

It seems like only yesterday
You were just a child at play
Now you’re all grown up inside of me
Oh how fast those moments flee
Once we watched a lazy world go by
Now the days seem to fly
Life is brief, but when it’s gone
Love goes on, and on, and on
Love will live
Love will last
Love goes on, and on, and on
Once we watched a lazy world go by
Now the days seem to fly
Life is brief, but when it’s gone
Love goes on, and on.

17. Pocahontas

If I never knew you
If I never felt this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be
And if I never held you
I would never have a clue
How at last I’d find in you
The missing part of me
If I never knew you
I’d be safe but half as real
Never knowing I could feel
A love so strong and true
I’m so grateful to you
I’d have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you.

18. Tangled

And at last, I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last, I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once, everything looks different
Now that I see you.

19. The Nightmare Before Christmas

“My dearest friend, If you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side. Where we could gaze into the stars, and sit together, now and forever. For it is plain as anyone could see, we’re simply meant to be.” —Jack Skellington

20. Beauty and the Beast

“Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the beast.”