20 Ideas to personalise your wedding…

20 Ideas to personalise your wedding…

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The venue is booked the colour scheme is all but decided and all the main items on the to do list are under control… It might be a good time to think how you can bring some personality to the party!  Hosting a stylish event that will have your guests talking about it for decades to come needs few essential ingredients – A great Host – that would be you, great food & drink and some great entertainment!  However, to create a stylish and personal event needs details and thought!
Think about some of the things you both love as a couple and look at ways you can incorporate these into the theme and details, this will add sentiment, meaning and bring about your own personal style.
We love using Pinterest it’s a community awash with ideas and inspiration – a great place to start, but please be warned if you are a newbie it can be addictive!  Here we take a look at 20 ideas that have caught our eye all of which could be adapted to suit a theme where necessary.

1.  To #hashtag or not…which will you be?

25 thingsIt’s a hot topic right now, either you love the idea or hate it but if social media is something you are not comfortable with don’t forget to address this with your photographer and your suppliers and be clear where you stand.  Creating your own hashtag is a great way to co-ordinate all the photo’s doing the rounds, pre-social media we used disposable cameras some were never recovered!  We say YEAH to technology!!

2.  Who says everything has to match?

25 thingsDressing the bridesmaids has got to be one big dilemma, different ages, sizes and personalities means that getting all your gals in the same style and shade may cause a few tears before bed time.  Thankfully there are so many options to style your maids, it doesn’t have to be all matchy.   We love these colour block bouquets perfect and individual  – your maids will love this!

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3. Make things fun…

Ok, so this might not be completely suitable to your 98 year old Great Grandma but I am a b25 thingseliever in creating things for people to look  at or take part, a wedding generally takes up a full day for guests and it can be quite nice to have some other distractions dotted about the venue.

4.  We love Signs…

25 ThingsSo another thing you may overlook when organising a big event, is people need to be directed a little and signs are a great way to get people to interact, leave messages and generally take part in your wedding day.  We love the idea of a bucket list, it would be great to keep these and look back over time…


5. The Alternative guest book…

We love the idea of asking guests to sign pebbles and stones, these can be kept and displayed in a adf58d1506fecbfbe8cece3b0903bc97hurricane vase and not stored out of the way as a book may well be.

6.  The Ice Cream bar..Yum Yum

20 Ways to get creativeDon’t feel stuck with traditional dessert options, these lovely baskets will be a great talking point for your guests while they have fun creating their own ice cream desserts.

7.  Don’t forget your Dancing Shoes

20 ways to get creative
We love these flip flops left available for guests to dance the night away in comfort!

 8. Finger Print Hearts – Art

172c21185cc852390fc02b05d4f84944This is a lovely way to commemorate your wedding and create a lovely keepsake at the same time. This could be incorporated into the Thank you cards…

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9.  Soulmates!

6cc26d1e4c5fca77c66cb84d38213c82We all used to love signing shirts and plaster casts at school , this is another spin on the idea!  Get some sage words of advice and encouragement from your maids to look back on later…

10.  No ordinary bouquet…

20 Ways to get creativeWhy not consider adding charms, heirloom trinkets and brooches to your bouquet to add meaning and sentiment to this time served tradition.  Word of warning be careful if you plan to toss the bouquet, perhaps opt for a smaller replica.  Discuss your ideas in advance with your florist as they will be able to advise and suggest how to achieve this.

11.  This way to the Little Girls Room…

This is such a cute idea originally brought to us by one of our 20 Ways to get creativelovely Blogger Brides, Sophie.   Take old pictures of The Bride and Groom and use  to signpost the Ladies and Mens bathrooms.

12.  We love Shoes!

20 ways to get creativeFrom the moment we set eyes on that fairytale glass slipper to Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with Manolo Blahnik, shoes always get our attention!  Think Mr and Mrs Converse trainers, statement colours, Wellies, Doc Martin’s or those lusted after killer heels.  The choice is endless and quite personal!

13.  A great Wedding Favour!

I have a love hate relationship with Wedding favours!! This in one of my fav’s – very simple and a a39fe3eea51b57108d775950fe602cb1bit of fun!  Put a table aside where guests can toast these, all you need is tealights, skewers and a saucer.

14.  Its all in the details…

20 Ways to get CreativeI love these personal photo galleries but instead of it being a shrine to the Happy Couple try and obtain family and friends pics that can be added for all to see.  Incorporated into a stylish display will be a great talking point for your guests and another way you

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15.  Its cold out there…

We would most likely concur that a good party will involve booze!!  However this doesn’t have 20 ways to get creativeto be at expense of everything else, we love the idea of a gourmet coffee/hot chocolate station where guests can be treated to something different for a change.

16.  Simple Ideas…

20 ways to get CreativeIts often said that the day is over far too quickly so treasured reminders from your guests partaking in the event is always great to look back on.  Make sure you allocate the job to a bridesmaid to make sure they are filled in and accounted for at the end of the night.

17. Decor Ideas…

A few great props can create an eye catching feature to house a candy bar, photo opportunities or 20 Ways to get creativeguest book signing area!  The sky is the limit don’t feel constrained by your surroundings.

18.  Booze…

20 Ways to get creativeWell I did say earlier that booze is an essential ingredient for some.  I just love the idea of beer and cider being served from barrows rather than a ‘bucksfizz’.

19.  Mint to Be…

Another simple idea, trivial but we love it..20 Ways to get creative

20.  Hanging Decorations

20 Ways to get creativeWe simply love garlands from pom poms to bunting and tassle garlands there are so many variations!!  If you don’t have the height or places  to hang these can be used on tables and chairs.
We hope you picked up a few ideas here, join us on Pinterest!  – Happy Pinning.
Sarah ♥