22 Essential Wedding Signs that you must have

Wedding welcome signs

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Today we are talking absolutely essential wedding signs!  Why do I need wedding signs?  you ask.  These are delightful props that can make your wedding feel incredibly inviting and personal it shows that you have 100% thought about your guests and how to make them feel welcome at your wedding.

I’ve organised quite a many event now and it always surprised me how open spaces, empty rooms and staircases put people off from entering when the place is unfamiliar to them.  People look for cues to make sure they are going in the right entrance etc this is why you need wedding signs scattered around your venue.  I’ve also noticed that if you leave things for people to take don’t assume they will – with events you often really need to guide your guests around and obviously you cant’t do that personally, so wedding signs are perfect to act as your cues and guides.

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Essential Wedding Sign List

  1. Welcome sign to the entrance of your wedding ceremony
  2. Pick a seat not a side sign so guests know where they should be seated.
  3. Adorable signs for flowergirls and pageboys to carry down the aisle
  4. Wedding signposts are useful if your wedding is spread out perhaps at an outdoor location
  5. Order of the day sign to show guests timings of everything
  6. Wedding Hashtag sign so guests can share photos that can easily be found on social media
  7. Cocktail party welcome sign or Reception welcome sign lets guests know they’ve arrived in the right place
  8. Cocktail Menu and Bar Drinks Menu
  9. Dessert Table Signs
  10. Chair signs
  11. Gift or Postbox sign so guests know where to leave gifts and cards
  12. Marquee Letters and words for your venue are a great photo prop
  13. Guest Book Sign
  14. Dancefloor Rules sign
  15. Signs for communal things you want guests to make use of Flip Flops/Blankets etc.
  16. Thankyou sign
  17. Rest Room signs
  18. Photobooth Signs
  19. Signs for props for photos
  20. Favours Sign
  21. Memory Table Signs
  22. First Dance signs
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Apart from wedding signs being very practical they can really work well with your decor making your theme really pop,  they also act as great ice-breakers as guests find things to chat about and photographers can use these to stage pics as they are photographing the wedding.

Wedding Welcome Signs

Of all the wedding signs to choose from The wedding welcome sign is perhaps the most important. Its one of the first items of decor your guests will see upon arrival so the style and presentation really sets the tone for what guests can expect.

We love these gorgeous designs deom Peach and Pear studios on Etsy.

Wedding welcome signs

Black and gold wedding welcome sign

Ring Bearer signs

How cute is tbis sign from designs by Bri on Etsy

Ring bearer sign

Wedding Signs for children to carry

We love this cute rustic sign from Hopwood Laser Design on Etsy

Wedding sign for children

Dance floor Rules Signs

No excuses foe sitting out, get your dancefloor packed with this encouragimg sign. Find this on Etsy at Dilly Dally Designs 1

Dancefloor wedding sign

Wedding Timeline Signs

This super stylish and modern sign from Ottie Designs on Etsy is perfect for an easel to free stand.

Wedding Timeline sign

Get creative and wow guests with this work of art that wouldn’t look out of place at home afterwards. Order of Day illustrated sign by illustratebychan on Etsy

Order of day sign

Wedding Display Signs

Essential wedding display signs to really make your guests feel at home, we love these supersweet wooden wedding display signs from Wooden Wedding Store on Etsy

Wedding display signs

Guest Requests Signs

Let guests know if you have any special requests such as posting pictures to social media. This is a pretty example by Wood Supplies on Etsy

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Wedding signs

Wedding Seating Arrangements

Letting guests know that they can pick their own seats with a sign provides clarity and reassurance to guests as they arrive at your ceremony. We really like this wedding sign from Wood Supplies on Etsy

Wedding signs

Wedding Hashtag Signs

Let guests know to use your specific hashtag when posting photographs so everyone can find your wedding pictures easily online. This is a gorgeous example by Wood Supplies on Etsy

Wedding hashtag sign

Neon Wedding Signs

Include a very on trend neon wedding sign from The Neon Craftsman on Etsy

Neon wedding sign

Neon wedding sign

Wedding Thankyou signs

Use signs to let guests know how much you appreciate them.

Wedding Thankyou sign

Distressed Plaques on Etsy

Wedding Postbox signs

Be prepared for guests coming to the wedding with gifts and cards. Having a clear place setup to receive these gives guests confidence and clarity where to leave them. We love this sign from Distressed plaques on etsy

Wedding postbox signs