4 Wedding Traditions That Aren't Going Anywhere Fast

4 Wedding Traditions That Aren't Going Anywhere Fast Reading Time: 2 minutes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Wedding traditions are a bit like marmite, some people love them, and some people hate them. And although weddings are becoming more relaxed, and in some ways less traditional, here’s 4 traditions that we think will stand the test of time.
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Father walking the bride down the aisle
Traditionally, the father of the bride is supposed to walk the bride down the aisle as this symbolises the father handing over the bride from his family to her new family with her husband. While it might not always be the father walking the bride down the aisle nowadays, we love that this tradition still stands. And if your father isn’t in your life anymore, there’s nothing stopping another important male in your life, or even your mum filling in.
Not seeing the groom before the ceremony
There’s nothing quite like the look on the grooms face when he is stood at the alter and he first catches a glimpse of his bride.  Many people still believe in the superstition that it is bad look to see your other half before the ceremony. And while this originated from arranged marriages, there’s still some romance and excitement in holding off from seeing each other until that WOW moment.
Tossing the bouquet
The bouquet toss is a more modern wedding tradition, which stems from when women used to take pieces from the brides dress and flowers as they thought this would take some of her luck. We have to say we are glad that we now throw flowers to our female guests, as we wouldn’t want to ruin those beautiful wedding gowns. The tradition says that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. Such a classic wedding tradition, we don’t think this will be going anytime soon.
Asking the bride’s father for permission to marry
While some might think that this is outdated, maybe asking for his blessing would be a better way to go. This tradition shows the brides’ family that you are serious about marrying their daughter and is a sign of respect. Some might say that when you marry a bride, you also marry their family. While it’s true that if the father didn’t give his permission there would be little he could do to stop the wedding from going ahead, it’s still a nice touch to ask for the brides families blessing.
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