43 Creative Wedding Table Numbers

43 Creative Wedding Table Numbers

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Styling your wedding is all about the details and that includes having Wedding Table numbers that tie in with your theme. Don’t let your wedding styling down with boring table numbers. These 43 wedding table numbers will really inspire your decisions.

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When your guests have found out where they will be sitting on the Table Plan, they will be searching around the reception venue to find out where their table is. So, you’re going to need the perfect table number to bring your family and friends to their seats. Here we have a collection of table number ideas for you to be inspired by, as well as a little hint on how to create the style yourself.


Outside In

Wedding Table Numbers Outside In

(L-R: The Wedding Of My Dreams, A Brit and A Blond, Country Chapel, Fat Orange Cat Studio, Michelle and Logan, Coco Red Events)

Steal this style by creating a miniature garden in a pot or terrarium and wrapping plants around the table number.

Rustic Table Numbers
Table Number Rustic

(L-R: Kiss The Bride, The Knot, K&K Photography, Lisa Dawn Photography, Livvy Hukins Photography, Dream A Little Homemade)

Wedding Table Numbers

Steal this style by following this tutorial on how to make String Art Table Numbers by Jane Day of Tea With Ruby.

Whimsical Table numbers

Whimsical Wedding Table Number

(L-R: Laura McClusky, Southern Fried Paper, Festival Brides, Diane Lupu, Gary Dover, Encre Noire)

Steal this style by hunting down vintage decorative objects from charity shops and car boots and styling them up with flowers and ribbons. You can also create a simple whimsical style with a bright photo frame and floral paper.

Movies and Music

Wedding Table Numbers Movies Music

(L-R: Wedding Bee, Damien Bailey, Burnett’s Boards, Wedfest, Blanc Coco, Disney Weddings)

Steal this style by digging out old vinyl records from the attic or in second-hand shops and either using the band name as you table number (perfect for musical couples) or sticking printed numbers onto the inside of the vinyl.

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Quirky Table Numbers

Table Numbers Quirky

(L-R: Infused Studios, Maine Branch Company, Something Turquoise, Soumya’s Invitations, Jonny Draper, Angela Ward Brown Photography, Kaysha Weiner, Grey Like Weddings)

Steal this style by using whatever makes you you. If you’re crafty, use your materials like the embroidery hoop above. Enjoy board games? Incorporate the objects in the table numbers. Or if you’re a child a heart, build the numbers using building blocks.


Table Numbers Travel

(L-R: Monika Gauthier, Hunter Photographic, Toutchicuk, Envy Events, Harwell Photography)

Steal this style by using photographs of the two of your from your holidays or images of landmarks you’d love to visit.

Modern Minimalism

Minimalist Table Number ideas

(L-R: Ashley Buzzy, Something Turquoise, Something Turquoise, Dawn Charles, Jen Huang Blog, Honey Honey Photography)

Steal this style by writing straight onto geometric frames using a Glass Pen or hammering metal door numbers found at hardware shops onto pieces of wood.

Creative Wedding Table numbers

Unique Wedding Table Number ideas