5 Wedding Hacks to save you time

Time saving wedding ideas

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We have rounded up the five top time saving wedding ideas in this concise and easy to read post, to help keep you sane at this very busy time

Let’s face it we are all busy in our everyday lives, work,  family and keeping on track of everyday life can soon become overwhelming with a wedding added to the mix.  Don’t underestimate how much time is involved in pulling off the big day from researching ideas, meeting and liaising with suppliers to deciding and gathering information on the details of the wedding.

5 Wedding planning hacks

These brilliant time saving wedding ideas will also help if your trying to plan your wedding in short space of time.

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1. Agree a plan

Ok, so this may seem quite obvious but you would be surprised how often couples over compromise for the sake of the other. This is very sweet and all but usually this comes to a head, causing plans to unravel spectacularly. If you have to compromise on something you really want,  agree to have a cooling off so you can let the dust settle.  It may be you have to revisit the idea again to find a better solution. Don’t brush over things and think it will be ok, resentment can easily build up and arguments bubble over.

Wedding hacks

If you end up having to back track further down the line it can be costly so it is worth spending the time at the beginning getting on the same page.  Finding compromises and solving problems is a good skill to learn as a couple, married life is full of these situations.

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2. Get a dedicated email

This is another no brainer but will save you lots of time. There will be lots of prospective searching for suppliers and prices while your planning your wedding and if you don’t want your inbox to be chock a block with wedding stuff long after your married get a dedicated wedding email. This will keep all wedding related correspondence together as both can access it easily and it can be ditched easily afterwards.

Wedding Hacks

3. Shortlist venues and boutiques

Save yourself the time and effort of rocking up to every venue and dress shop unannounced. Ring or email first vet with specific questions so you can short list the locations you visit. Not every dress shop will stock your sizes to try on, the wedding date at the venue may not be available. By asking pre-liminary questions you can weed out places that you really don’t need to visit.

5 Wedding Tips

4. Enlist help to gather information.

Gathering information online, appointments with suppliers and visiting wedding fairs is very time consuming, in fact it can be exhausting.  The choices are endless and overwhelming therefore creating more time pressure to sift through it all.  At the information gathering stage it would be a good use of time to ask friends or relatives to help. They can visit wedding fairs to gather cards and impressions of local suppliers that you may want to contact.  Ask for recommendations this could cut out all the scouting out time.

5. Get Super organised.

Get a wedding organiser or create your own wedding planner to keep track of everything that is going on. This way you can easily see where you may need some additional help. It will help you see where you need to reign things in.  Perhaps 10 cake tasting meetings sounds like a lot of fun but you probably will only choose one supplier. The more choice you have the longer it takes to make the decision and move on.

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Wedding hacks and ideas

Time saving wedding ideas

Time saving wedding hacks

Time saving wedding ideas