5 Top Tips for the speeches

5 Top Tips for the speeches

We are kick starting our new #Fridayfabulous series with some fab words of advice dedicated to all you poor souls that have now got to pull off that killer speech!  No pressure guys…
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It’s their special day and everyone special to them on their wedding day will be watching….and they will be watching YOU too.  As one of my clients told me recently “ I’m so nervous because I know how important it is to get the best man’s speech just right, too silly and people think you’re a joker and too serious and it becomes a ‘wake’…”  Let’s face facts, no one wants to remember a best man’s speech at a wedding for the WRONG reasons!

 5 of my favourite techniques:

  1. A good speech needs inspiration…a GREAT speech needs both inspiration and preparation – do not underestimate the time required for practise!
  2. Get a look at the venue as soon as possible – try and find out where you will be standing when you give your speech – this is psychological gold dust as you can begin using visualisation techniques way ahead of the wedding day.
  3. There’s no shame in note cards – use them as prompts and get used to rehearsing with them – tweak as you go.
  4. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE your speech! It will not calm your nerves and it may dry out your throat besides which, no bride feels confident in her best man when he’s nearly under the table drunk! Remember some will be filming you.
  5. Five minutes Maximum Rule- 5 minutes is plenty to give a nice wedding speech – you want to warm up the wedding guests with a nice fluffy but humorous smorgasboard of all things nice and then finish it, not bore them to death about your childhood tales of mischief with the groom – no one really wants to know about the past, it’s the future of Mr and Mrs wedding day that they have come to celebrate.



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