7 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Engagement Announcement

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7 Wedding Planning Tips

You’re engaged! It’s all new and exciting and now it’s time to get down to wedding planning. Use these essential wedding planning tips and get started.  Knowing where to begin and what needs to be done first doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. 

Grab your notepad and pen, follow these essential wedding planning tips, plan your perfect wedding.

7 Brilliant Wedding Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

#1 Sharing the news:

Make sure all of your nearest and dearest know your special news.  Sharing your ‘ring selfie’ on every social networking site before telling your Mum -no way! It’s not great when your hairdresser knows before your own parents.  We love these stylish ideas on Etsy

Wedding planning tips

Before you go any further make sure you get wedding insurance cover, it’s not just for the day itself. Wedding insurance should cover your new bling plus pretty soon you will start putting down deposits to secure products and services. If your still not sure why you need wedding insurance read this now. 

Engagement Announcement

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#2 Start a wedding moodboard:


A chance to get all of your perfect wedding hopes and dreams down onto paper. Think about what you really want from your day, decide on your priorities. Explore venues you want to visit, colours to play with and who you want to be there. Pinterest is an amazing tool for dreaming, thinking big and getting ideas together.

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Wedding tips and ideas

You can see all of our wedding themes and ideas here!

Wedding planning tips

Wedding Planning Tip #3

Picking the Date: Have you always dreamt of an outdoor summer festival wedding or a more cosy autumn theme by a log fire? Pick a time of year you think will suit you and your needs. Consider how the wedding date will fit in with work and family. It’s also a good idea to check with other engaged friends who will also be getting married the same year! You don’t want to clash!

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Wedding Planning Tip #4

Organise a wedding budget:  Consider what you want to spend on each part of the wedding. Having a clear idea of how much you have to spend is essential when wedding planning! You don’t want to find yourself in unnecessary debt or planning an extravagant affair if it’s unrealistic.  I would suggest that the date and the budget are not mutually exclusive as the date is likely to impact on your costs. High season demand in the peak summer months puts the price up as will key holiday dates such as Christmas and New Year.  Even lesser holidays such as Mother’s Day will impact on your costs as high demand for flowers skyrocket the prices at this time and the availability of florists is also affected.

Wedding planning tips

Wedding Planning Tip #5

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Shop around: It’s good to get an idea of what you’re looking for when searching for a venue but don’t feel under pressure to book and put a deposit down for the first venue you see. Think out of the box, be creative and look around! Find a venue that works with what you imagined, and don’t settle until you find it.

Pro Tip: Don’t do more than 3 venue visits in one go, there is a lot to take in and it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Brilliant Wedding tips

#6 Get super organised

Planning a wedding is an ongoing process, you’ll be planning right down to the very second. Start a wedding planner, either buy one already pre-made or have fun creating your own. The planner is great keepsake and it allows you to indulge in enjoying the build up to the big day. 

Keeping track of spending, your guest list, your endless list of to do’s is not something you want to be doing on the fly and it’s not something you can do a few weeks before! Staying on top of things will make you more relaxed and make cake tasting and choosing a wedding dress a fun experience! The wedding day itself, will fly by in a flash this is your chance to savour the build up to the big day regardless of whether your planning a big or small wedding everyone needs a plan.

Pro-tip: Create a wedding email address dedicated to planning your wedding, this will keep all of your planning in one place and once your married you can more or less forget it.

7 Wedding planning tips

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Wedding Planning Tip #7

Get booking those essential suppliers.  If the hairdresser, make up artist or wedding singer you want has a jam packed diary then get them nailed down as soon as your venue is booked!

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Essential Wedding planning tips

Free wedding checklist

Wedding planning tips


Wedding planning advice

Essential wedding tips

Essntial Wedding planning tips


Wedding planning tips

7 wedding tips

7 Wedding planning tips

 Wedding tips

Wedding planning tips

Wedding planning advice

Wedding planning tips

7 wedding tips

Wedding planning tips and ideas

Wedding planning tips