A sprinkle of diamonds, Islands of the Western Indian Ocean

A sprinkle of diamonds, Islands of the Western Indian Ocean Reading Time: 3 minutes

WARNING: This will most certainly raise the bar of expectations for any future holiday and get you dreaming right away.

A combination of 115 islands sprinkled in the Western Indian Ocean, Seychelles boasts more than 60 beaches, 6 marine national parks and the coral reef borders that surround the island.  At first I’m thinking that these just cannot be real images. The colours so vibrant and rich, not even an Instagram filter can achieve. But, after doing the research this tropical island really is the definition of beauty you see it to be.
Those sandy white beaches and the blue waters that look like the purest turquoise gemstone melted down into liquid make this honeymoon destination a place of serenity and pure bliss. No wonder the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose it as their honeymoon destination.
With a natural history list from the smallest frog, through to the heaviest land tortoise and even the only flightless bird, this destination is truly captivating. Also home to the ‘coco de mer’ (double coconut), this group of islands has so much to offer.
Whether you decide to just relax in tranquility or want to try some of the more high energy distractions, Seychelles is just reaching out to be explored and enjoyed in all its glory.
You can choose to go on walks or a boat excursion to admire the breathtaking views and picturesque scenery or get the experience of a lifetime diving/snorkelling in the stunning waters, giving you a clear view of the majestic ocean life.
The capital city of Victoria, home to about a third of the Seychelle’s population is worth a visit to absorb the culture and charm lying within this small town like space. The bustling market and beautiful gardens alongside the modern developments will make you feel right in the heart of the islands culture. You could even visit the shopping plaza to pick up a souvenir.
Visiting in October also means you have the chance to indulge all your senses in the Creole world by visiting the largest and most important event in Seychelles, festival Kreol. Having celebrated 30 years in October 2015, this event treasures the traditions of Creole whilst embracing the modern opportunities and it is sure to leave you fascinated.
Now here in Britain, we all love a good cuppa but don’t fear you won’t need to sneak your box of teabags into your suitcase. Driving along the Sans Souci mountain you will come to the Tea Factory. Yes, that’s right… a tea factory! You can get a guided tour to the production process and even sample some before being able to buy it to take away with you.
Now I’ve left you all craving some holiday sun on a remote and tranquil island (I did warn you), you best get booking your dream honeymoon.
Best time to visit: October. This month has it all – there’s entertainment with Festival Kreol, the weather is fabulous and you save money because of the time of year. The perfect combination!
Temperature: tropical climate of between 24 and 32 degrees
Currency: Seychelles Rupee (SCR) but also pounds, dollars and euros are said to be accepted
Language: Creole, English and French
Local Cuisine: fusion of French, Indian and Oriental influences
Fly time: Approximately 11 hours
Time difference: 4 hours ahead of GMT

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