Advice from the bride…

Advice from the bride… Reading Time: 2 minutes

You’ve bought more wedding planning magazines than you dare to admit, downloaded every app but no advice compares to that of a newly-wed bride. She’s done it, she’s experienced it and managed to make it through unscathed! On Monday we featured the fabulous rock n roll wedding of Becky and Chris who said ‘i do’ at Burn Hall in Huby. The couple made sure their day completely had their stamp all over it and was exactly how THEY wanted it, no one else. We asked Becky for her top-tips to a stress free day.
1. “Plan your wedding so it’s all about you.” 
IMG_7788 (2)
2. “It should have your names written all over it! Don’t worry what other people think or expect.”
3. “If you know people with talents that could help with your wedding, use them! They will be happy to help and not only will it save you money, but it will also make your day more personalised and special.”
4. “Lastly, don’t stress! Everything will be fine on the day and those little things that you spend hours worrying about won’t even matter because you’re marrying the person you love.”
What advice would you give?
Jess x

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