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If you love flowers just as much as I do then you are going to get really excited about this beautiful creative part of the wedding planning process.
Kirstin Halstead shares her top ten flower tips to give you a head start.

Leafy Couture

Photography: Lissa Alexandra Photography
Flowers: Leafy Couture

1. Think about your venue – Always take into consideration your surroundings before thinking about dressing your venues with flowers.
2. Budget – Work out a budget for floral decor and confirm this with your florist from the initial consultation. This will mean your expectations will be managed and they will work with you to create something beautiful on budget. Flowers are expensive so it is important that the budget is set.
Pip and Hatty Bloom

Photography: Natalie Pluck Photography
Flowers: Pip and Hatty Bloom

3. Do your research – Look into which flowers will be in season when you get married. Choosing out of season flowers can be expensive.
4. Choosing the right style of florist – Look through florists portfolios and social media platforms before booking an appointment. You don’t want to waste yours or the florists time if they can’t provide the style or aesthetic you are looking for.
Regal Florsits

Photography: Keith Moss Photography
Flowers: Regal Florists

5. Create a mood board – Take the time to look in magazines, books, Instagram and Pinterest for flower decor styles you love. Then create a mood board for your florist, have fun with it and be flexible.
6. Choose local – Use local flowers, so many florists now celebrate using the made-in-England flowers freshly grown in their gardens.
Leafy Couture

Photography: Lissa Alexandra Photography
Flowers: Leafy Couture

7. Dress your cake – Nothing looks prettier and more luxurious than dressing your cake its fresh flowers, have your florist and cake designer work together to create a show-stopping cake.
8. Reuse – Look to reuse any flowers from your ceremony at your reception venue.
Petal Perfection

Photography: Avant Garde Photography
Flowers: Petal Perfection

9. Get personal – Use flowers that have meaning and bring back happy memories for you, don’t just go off colour and what is most popular.
10. Vessels – Get creative with your flower vessels and dress extra items for a creative luxury feel. Adorn bookcases, crates, dressers, chairs, trees and walls with flowers to create a wow factor.
Simply Flowers

Photography: Natalie Pluck Photography
Flowers: Simply Flowers

This article was taken from Kiss The Bride Magazine, Issue 6 “Wander In Love”. Find more inspiration and ideas here.

Editorial – Kirstin Halstead
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