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I was pretty excited to be researching shoes for this post, what little girl or mum doesn’t dream of being a ballet dancer, as a child I was obsessed with ‘The Red Shoes’ ballet, although probably not fully understanding the story but was drawn by the power of the red shoes to possess the owner.  I set out to find some stunning ballet pumps that would create as much wow as a pair of heels and I think these Aruna Seth pumps come pretty close.  I wouldn’t ordinarily choose flats but these kicks are seriously stylish and would work perfectly well into your wardrobe after the big day.

1. Ivory Satin peep toe

Aruna Seth

2. Ivory Lace peep toe…

Aruna Seth

3. Ivory Lace Pointed Ballerina

Aruna Seth
Tick the ‘Something Blue’ box with these gorgeous steele blue ballet pumps
Aruna Seth
or perhaps a pretty shade of pink…
Aruna Seth
Dare to different with your very own Red Shoes…
Red Shoes by Aruna Seth
Matching shoes for the children too, we love these gorgeous styles for the little ones.
Aruna Seth
Happy shoe hunting!
Sarah ♥

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