Beauty products to swear by with Kathy Scott Hair & Make Up

Beauty products to swear by with Kathy Scott Hair & Make Up

If you are searching for a make up range that gives results without causing problems to your skin, then look no further, Kathy Scott Hair & Make swears by Jane Iredale Mineral Make up.

I have found my clients love the Jane Iredale products, their lightweight feel and the effects they give whilst caring for the skin. I’m also a big fan of Daniel Sandler who avoids parabens in his products.

Jane Iredale was inspired to develop a makeup range that was good for the skin. Each product is made from natural ingredients that protect and care for the skin and don’t cause damage or block pores, but still give great coverage and a perfect finish. There are lots of options so if you want a sheer or more opaque foundation or lipstick for example, there are plenty of products to choose from.
The Jane Iredale range aims to make you feel confident whether you want a lesson in doing your own make up or choose a professional to assist you on your wedding day. The mineral colours are intensely pigmented, so only small amounts of product are needed and the products last a long time.

The Jane Iredale range is all about enhancing your natural beauty and allowing your personality to shine through your make up.

Bridal essentials for me are the Liquid Mineral Foundation or BB Cream Foundation + Amazing Base Powder for a flawless, soft complexion, followed by a spray of Hydrating Facial Spritz. PomMisst is my favourite, but there are 3 to choose from. The Spritz not only sets make up, helping it to last longer, but gives you a boost as it smells so divine (Ylang Ylang, Chamomile & Rosemary essential oils) and you can use it as a cooling spray throughout the day.
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The eyebrows are the ‘cheekbones of the eye’ so don’t try to separate me from my Bitty Brow Kit! It’s designed to give you the choice of creating soft slightly defined brows or strong, bold ones. Blushers, Bronzers, Lipsticks, glosses etc., – there are plenty in the range to choose from and it all depends on your skin type, the look you want to achieve and personal preference.
As an example for a natural look I find clients often choose colours such as  Whisper blusher, the Nude Eye Kit and Beach Plum lip gloss.
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Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up
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