Best long Wedding Hairstyles

Brushed out relaxed hair down

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What to do with long hair for your wedding? Unfortunately, the choice is pretty endless so if your a bit indecisive narrowing down your choice could take a while. Luckily we have filtered out only the best long wedding hairstyles to make your life a lot easier.

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Long Loose wedding hair

Hair that is left long and loose may seem straight forward but isn’t necessarily.  Consider the time of year and weather, as well how your hair will stand up over time.

From Hollywood waves to Boho beach vibe there is something for everyone.

Brushed out curls to create a really relaxed look with an elegant side comb to add that touch of glamour.

Credit: Carly Williams Hair via Instagram

Brushed out relaxed hair down

Wedding hair down

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Beachy waves

Hollywood waves

Wedding Hair Up styles

Long hair lends itself really well to having a beautiful sleek or intricate wedding updo. If you do decide to go for this bridal hairstyle just remember to check for snags during the day.  Last thing you want in the photographs is that awkward loop of hair sticking out, that no one failed to mention. Yes, I am speaking from experience on this!

Credit: Carly Williams Hair via instagram

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Wedding updo

Wedding updo

Romantic wedding updo

Wedding Pony Tails

A really modern bridal hairstyle that has become a really popular go to style for brides. A beautiful ponytail can have a seriously edgy vibe that will not remind you of your 12 year old self.

Credit: Carly Williams Hair via Instagram

Wedding ponytail


Wedding ponytail

Wedding ponytail

Wedding Braids

For the ultimate Boho vibe you need to be thinking about having Braids and twists incorporated into your wedding hair style. Braids are perfect for brides with long hair and it’s a style that can work easily from day to night with little maintenance.

Credits: Knoxville Bridal Hair via instagram

Braided wedding hairstyles

Braided wedding hair

Braided wedding hair

Half up Half Down Bridal Hairstyles

Incredibly popular bridal hairstyles for ladies with long hair you still get the long hair down but have some control and style, as well as being able to include either a veil or a stunning hair accessory. What’s not to love.

Credit: Natalie Stoll Bridal Stylist via Instagram

Half up Half Down Bridal Hairstyle

Credits below: de bruids styliste via instagram

Long brides hair styles

Gorgeous loose curls

Long wedding hairstyles

Pretty relaxed long hair style with leaf side comb has created a soft romantic style.

Relaxed long hair with side comb

A lovely variation of the half up Half Down, add a stunning bridal side comb to give some control for long hair.

Long wedding hair with side comb