Blogger Bride – Part Two

Blogger Bride – Part Two

Not Becoming Bridezilla!

The venue is booked and the date is set; it’s time for the fun to actually begin…planning the Wedding itself!
I’ve dreamed about my wedding day for as long as I can remember, and now it’s time I actually get do it. This time I’m not giving my opinions or helping out at others’ weddings, this is actually MINE!

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My first step in a bid to keep myself cool and collected is a a list. This is split into three sections: the ‘I needs’, the ‘I would likes’ and the ‘It’d be nice if I could have them, but wont ruin my day’ items.
I decided to sit down with my fiancé and plan out the list.
This didn’t go exactly to plan! All the things I thought would be really important, turn out not to be! Who is going to care if they have the most perfect, beautiful, bespoke favours when people don’t really keep them! Down to the bottom of the list it went…
After days and days of writing we finally confirmed our list, and what a relief it is as now the proper planning can commence!
For all couples, I strongly advise getting a wedding planning file to keep all of the business cards, photos and samples safe and in its own little place.

This is where ‘Not Becoming Bridezilla’ comes into play!

Its hard when you know what you want for your wedding, and how you would like it to pan out, but trying to describe it so you don’t sound like a diva is a lot harder than it sounds!

Mistaking the word ‘like’ for ‘want’ all of the time is an easy mistake done, many a time!

All you need around you is a good fiancé, who understands it’s the biggest day of your lives, and will let you really, do anything! Just don’t push it too far and ask for a helicopter ride when you have a £5000.00 budget!
Family and Friends are important too, telling you to calm down and chill out when you’re getting that little bit too bossy or big for your boots can bring you back down to Earth with a big thump!
After a few short weeks of planning, I have learnt one lesson. It is all about the person you are marrying and the commitment you’re making, not about putting a show on!

 Coming next: Finer details!


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