Bridesmaid problems – SOLVED

Bridesmaid problems – SOLVED Reading Time: 3 minutes

Having a few problems with your closest girlfriends during your wedding process isn’t something out of the ordinary, from jealous bridesmaids, to those who can’t afford the hen party and how to deal with an ever growing bridesmaid pregnancy bump! We take a look at some of the most common dilemmas to occur and most importantly how to solve them.
Problem: The bride has her heart set on an expensive, long weekend away abroad for her hen party. Everyone else is excited and willing to pay but you can’t afford it just yet.
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Solution: Tell the chief bridesmaid that while it sounds like a lovely idea, not every member of the bridal party may be able to afford the trip away. You could offer a similar solution on a lower budget, by helping out in this way it sounds a lot better than stating all of the reasons you can’t afford a trip away. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you aren’t happy with the plans, especially as you don’t want to get yourself into debt! You may find that other members of the party weren’t happy either.

Problem: The chief bridesmaid and the rest of the bridesmaids don’t seem to include you in decision making and planning.
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Solution: There could be a few reasons for this so don’t just jump to conclusions straight away. It could be that the chief bridesmaid has a particular way of organising and doesn’t need a lot of help from fellow bridesmaids. Reach out to the chief bridesmaid directly, send her a text and tell her you want to help out with ______ or you’d like to book the _____. This way she knows you’re interested and willing to help and she can’t really say no..
Problem: The jealous, single bridesmaid.
bridesmaids prob 5
Solution: We all saw it happen in the film Bridesmaids but what happens when you’re faced with it in your own wedding plans? A jealous bridesmaid, no matter how close to you will go out of her way to make things as difficult as possible. Try talking to her and ask her what’s making her feel this way, if she values her friendship with the bride she’ll shake the green eyed monster streak off. If she doesn’t, is there really room in your life and wedding for a jealous friend!?
Problem: You or another bridesmaid becomes pregnant.
pregnant bridesmaid
Solution: It happens, and guess what it can’t be helped either. It sounds like a huge deal but unless you’re planning on giving birth mid speeches then it’s not that much of a problem. If it’s you, don’t wait around to tell the bride! Telling her up front and that you need a slight dress alteration is better than turning up to your final fitting 7 months pregnant! It’s also okay to speak up if you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing now that you’re carrying a little person.
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