5 Tips to avoid stressful Flowergirl shopping

Pretty Gorgeous Three Flowergirls

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Ivory Flowergirl Dresses

Getting everyone suited and booted for the big day is so exciting but for the little one’s this is doubly so, getting the children kitted out though, can often be an underestimated task and quite often be as time consuming as finding your own dress.

Ivory flowergirl dresses

5 Top tips for getting children organised.

1.) Keep an open mind what children like and what you want may be at opposite ends of the scale – at the end of the day they will look cute no matter what – the priority is to make sure they are happy.  Note:  My youngest wore a peppa pig dressing up dress and wellies for about a year – it’s a thing you get used to it!

2) Children grow but often dresses made to order can take 12 weeks to come in so don’t leave your appointments til the last minute.  Children’s size guides are specific to each manufacturer, so you may still need to have a dress altered. Yes, Children have body issues too some can be super tall or small for their age which may affect the length of their dress.  I have also known children be standard height but either super thin or more robust frames which may mean going up a size.

3) Comfort is super important – children can be really sensitive to dress materials even if they don’t seem scratchy to you or I.  Always make sure the dress is tried on before purchase most suppliers won’t accept this as a reason to return a dress so you would be relying on the goodwill of your supplier.

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4) Be prepared dress shopping with children can be highly stressful, don’t rush the situation if children decide not to try on the dress you want them to. Distractions such as food and toys usually help to break the ice or any tension but patience and timing are key.

5) Don’t force the situation if children are starting to get upset, things will only escalate, tempting as it maybe to just manhandle them into the dress you risk this sticking in their mind and this might just set them up to be upset on the big day.

Pretty Gorgeous Weddings, stock flowergirl dresses at their shop in Guisborough it, is a great place to find everything you need for your mini maids.  They carry a multitude of styles and sizes so there is lots to try on in store, it’s amazing what the children pick and it’s great to see them enjoy trying on the dresses and see themselves twirl before their proud Mum’s.

To complement our flowergirl dresses, there is an affordable collection of hair accessories, ribbon sashes, wands and shrugs with tiara’s starting from just £7.50.  The girls love to try on their dresses along with the hair accessories, the first thing they do is check out the ‘twirl factor’.

Beautiful Ivory Gowns with sparkle and Tulle…

We have a large collection of ivory flowergirl dresses in a range of styles you will be spoilt for choice, from simple dresses to full on princess with acres of soft tulle.

Champagne Tulle Gown with Beaded lace bodice…

This dress is so beautiful with acres of soft tulle and a delicate lace bodice, with or without sleeves, this gown comes in Ivory, Dusky Pink and Champagne as seen, from baby sizes up to age 11-12.

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Dusky Pink Tulle Gown with Beaded lace bodice…

Featured here in the dusky pink, this is a beautiful shade of pink and will complement the bridal party perfectly.  The dress comes with a detachable diamante bow, which can be worn with or without.

For more details contact: hello@prettygorgeousweddings.co.uk or ring 01287 631001  Check out this post for more flowergirl dresses