Christian Louboutin for this Bride-To-Be…

Christian Louboutin for this Bride-To-Be…

At KTB we are always keen to share exciting plans that are brewing!

Today we are introducing our gorgeous couple from Marske due to be married in 2014: Sophie and her fiancé Jeff.

A couple of months back we asked Sophie if she would start a Pinterest board for us to show some of the ideas she was loving whilst planning her own wedding for 2014!  If you haven’t come across Pinterest, it is a fabulous online tool that can help you collate ideas for planning almost anything, especially great for gathering Wedding ideas!

Pinterest Board with Wedding Inspirations

Sophie’s Board – Snapshot

Tell us how you both met?
We were introduced through a mutual friend. We started going on nights out in a big group of friends, exchanged numbers and the rest is history!
What was your fondest memory from your engagement/proposal?
My favourite moment from our engagement (so far) is telling our family and friends. Everyone has been so excited and happy for us. Oh, and getting to choose my ring – which I absolutely LOVE.
When & where are you getting married?
Middleton Lodge on 3rd May 2014
What was it about the venue that wowed you?
The converted cellar with Cinema can be used as a Late Bar and is open until 2am, so that’s where we are going to party into the early hours. We also fell in love with the relaxed feel of Middleton Lodge. We felt at home as soon as we stepped through the door.
Supper club - Cellar at Middleton Lodge

Supper club – Cellar

What has been the hardest thing you have had to contend with while planning the wedding?
Definitely the guestlist! We originally started off wanting to keep the numbers as low as possible, but the list keeps growing every day, having large families and lots of friends – it’s hard to know where to draw the line!
Tell us what your top 5 priorities were when setting out your wedding plans.

The most important thing for us when setting out with our planning was for the day to be as relaxed as possible, that is why getting the venue right was so important to us. We had originally booked a different venue as it was a little bit cheaper and closer to home but it just wasn’t really ‘us’. I am so glad now that we changed our minds. Other important factors to us were that the venue had to serve excellent food and have plenty of rooms for family/friends to stay over.

Tell us about your favourite pin and why you chose it?
My favourite pin has to be the Christian Louboutin shoes. As a shoeaholic I am using my wedding day as an excuse to buy an outrageously expensive pair!

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Any great advice you have been given that you would like to share? 
Ask yourself – “do I really need/want this?”. The odd £20, £50 and £100 all adds up. I have had to bring myself into line a few times.

If you are a Bride-To-Be and would like to pin a board for us to feature on our Blog, we would love to hear from you!



Credits: (Black & White Image of Middleton Lodge)

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