Confined to HQ…

children baking

Today, I am confined to barracks with my two little ones, its the start of the Summer holidays and it is of course raining – thankfully I have a treasure trove of crafty bits and bobs to help keep them entertained.  Here are our favourite projects, we will be pioneering today.
I was really surprised that the 3 year old sat and wound her wool round her base like a pro, she got stuck in and I didn’t hear a wink from her! Result!!  We used embroidery hoops, wool, beads and crochet doilies for these ones…
Yes this is a big new craze that even adults are getting addicted to, we have a 3 mtr stretch of fabric from good old Ikea that already has outlines printed all ready for colouring in.
Glass jar decorating
My girls just love decorating boxes and jars for their little treasures, ribbons, lace, stickers, paper – anything goes really.  Below is a lovely idea from Pinterest that looks really cool, for more DIY projects many of which are kid friendly pop over to our DIY board.
jam jar decor
A day in doors wouldn’t be complete without making some lovely home cooked goodies.  I recently saw a recipe for glass biscuits which I think we might try but this is the kids rainbow cake – yum!
Enjoy your rainy days!
Sarah x


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