Congratulations Mike & Sarah!

Today on the blog its my pleasure to introduce Sarah & Mike who were engaged on New Year’s eve and this is there gorgeous story.  I absolutely love receiving these personal stories and its exactly what Kiss the Bride is about, ‘local people’ – suppliers, brides, grooms, engagements!

Enjoy lovely people and join me in sending Sarah and Mike our very ‘Best Wishes’!

Viva Las Vegas…

My name is Sarah Barron (26), I am a primary school teacher from Thornaby!
My partner is called Michael Cochrane(25),  an electrician from Thornaby!
Growing up, Mike literally lived around the corner from me and went to the same secondary school, however we only met when I was 20 and Mike 19 in Thornaby Pavilion gym!
On Christmas Day, Mike surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas, on New Year’s Eve.  Mike proposed on Las Vegas strip,  along with 300,000 revellers – it was amazing!

Mike said

image 1‘I was so nervous, I had the ring box hidden in my hand luggage tucked in a sock.  I was panicking about random searches in the airport thinking Sarah would find out!  I always wanted to propose on New Years Eve but didn’t really know where to do it! I was asking Sarah what she wanted to do e.g. go for a meal….but Sarah wanted to stand on the strip with 300,000 people, to see the fireworks!

On New Years Eve the Las Vegas strip is shut off, so we could walk up and down, going in and out of the hotels and the casinos! The atmosphere was amazing and we had such a fun night!  I was so nervous!  I couldn’t believe Sarah didn’t see that I had my hand on my pocket all night, checking that the ring was still there!!! We’ve got a photo of this and we laugh when we look back at them!

 Sarah said

When it got to 11.45 pm we went to find a spot on the strip!  We found a spot just outside ‘The Bellagio’ and were just enjoying the street party.  When it got to 11.59 pm  Mike proposed and I said yes!!!  Then at that point, all the amazing fireworks from the hotels were set off!! It was so surreal; all the people on the strip and it just felt like me and Mike!!  All the American people were congratulating us, it was lovely!

The best holiday ever!!

We plan to get married New Year’s Eve 2014  it was so difficult finding a venue but fingers crossed, we will be having the venue at Whinstone view Great Ayton! We are getting married at St. Peter’s church in Thornaby!!
I hope to create a winter wonderland lol
Sarah & Mike x
A huge Congratulations guys from the KTB team!! 


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