Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together…Top Five Benefits of Working out With a Partner

Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together…Top Five Benefits of Working out With a Partner Reading Time: 2 minutes

So it’s January, which must only mean one thing: time to get fit. Like, you’re probably tempted to keep going on the Quality Street and curl up with your partner on the sofa. However, before you let your love life derail your plans to get fit or even more importantly wedding-fit so you look amazing in your dress, there are many benefits of exercising as a couple. So get your best work out gear at the ready and listen up!
You work harder: Couples who exercise together will stick to their exercise plans and have higher success rates than those who go at it alone. You’ll feel happier and more energetic because of positive reinforcement. It’s easy to use other things as an excuse but if you’re accountable to someone, even if it is your partner, you’re more likely to head to the gym. Recent studies have shown that nearly half of people who exercise on their own quit their exercise regime after a year, but two-thirds of those who work out with their partner stick to it. And women apparently work 12 to 15 per cent harder when they are training. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get burning off those calories…
Quality time: Yes, we understand it might not be a candlelit dinner for two, but often when we are busy with our work, wedding planning and other responsibilities, working up a sweat together can actually be fun, quality time together. It is also a healthy way to spend time together instead of say, watching films and eating takeaways. If you can, make an evening of it and reward yourselves afterwards with a drink or healthy meal because you’ve earned it!
A better sex life: Exercise produces endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain that help to reduce stress. Regular exercise also increases our libidos and a number of studies have shown the men and women who exercise together report better sex lives with their partners. Pass my running trainers…
New activities: Maybe you’re a yoga fan and he loves lifting weights? Exercising on your own, such as yoga, running or hitting the gym is all very well and good but exercising with someone else opens up a whole new range of activities you could try together. Always wanted to learn how to play squash? Deliver a killer backhand at tennis? Or trying to impersonate your favourite dancers on Strictly Come Dancing? Then grab your partner and get going!
Increase your satisfaction with the relationship: Studies have shown that after jointly participating in a physical activity or challenge, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner because of the physiological arousal. Sharing a fitness goal such as running a 5K or 10K run together can also work wonders.
Do you exercise alongside a loved one? Does it make you feel amazing? Tell us @lovestruck
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