Designer Profile: Jesús Peiró

Designer Profile: Jesús Peiró

This week we chose a stunning gown by Spanish bridal house Jesus Peiro as our dress of the week, want to know more about the designer behind this? Look no further!
Founded in 1988, the Jesus Peiro brand has gone from strength to strength devoting its time to exclusively dressing brides and creating innovative looks. Merche Segarra, the designer and creative force behind the brand, created her first bridal look for her first communion. 
jesus p
Describing the inspiration behind the designs on a whole as: “Reflecting the light structure and exquisite artisanal details reminiscent of the early 20th Century, the collection balances femininity and romanticism with the sophistication that is synonymous with the brand.”
jesus pp
The new collection 2015 Perfume is exquisite featuring an impressive 90 piece collection and pays tribute to the delicacy, individuality and uniqueness of a fragrance. They’ve also created their own perfume to incorporate into the collection and celebrate their 26th year as a brand.
jesus ppp

Drawing on a scent’s precise creation, its allure and the emotions it conceives and conveys, the collection is exquisitely bold and abundant through its use of textures, the curious combinations of fabrics and the overall embellishment of each design. 

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We love the intricate detailing and embellished motifs that appear throughout, for a modern bride something that is perfect. Traditional ivory dominates the colour theme and is complemented by a chalk white, light tea, soft silver and mother-of-pearl in embroideries and fabrics.
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