DIY Wedding Favours – S'mores

DIY Wedding Favours – S'mores Reading Time: 2 minutes

For a simple, easy way to delight your guests, combine your place cards and favours into one delicious treat – S’mores!

Originally a campfire treat from America using chocolate, marshmallow and biscuits, make your own gorgeous, customised version! Guests can skewer a marshmallow on the kebab stick, melt it to a state of goo over the tealight, and sandwich it between the chocolate sides of the biscuits for a DIY favour.
Kim from Kiss the Bride gets handy with the biscuit tin…

You Will Need..S'mores You Will Need

Chocolate Coated Biscuits

Large Marshmallows

Long Kebab Sticks

Ribbon and/or Raffia


Clear Rectangular Cellophane Bags

Crafty Bits for Gift Tags

Step One

Lay a cellophane bag flat on a table and insert your chocolate biscuits, marshmallow, tealight (wrapped in clingfilm for hygiene) and kebab stick into the bag, in a neat order. The kebab stick should be longer than the cellophane bag, so it can be used as a handle.

Step Two

Tie the cellophane bag around the kebab stick “handle” with raffia and ribbon.

Step Three

S'mores Customised

Create some lovely customised tags to add to each one, per guest. We used some lovely vintage card and added the guest name in glittery letters, but you could use cream card, brown paper, feathers…the list is endless.

Step Four

Attach the tag to your easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy s’more.

S'mores Finished

Step Five

Test! (Purely for research purposes, of course!)

S'mores in Action!

Kim  ♥

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