DIY Wedding Project: Print Your Own Fabric

Painted Fabric

In Issue 5 of Kiss The Bride Magazine, fab stylist and writer Jane Day showed us how to create some lovely DIY projects. We learnt how to make our own printed fabric, and now we are going to share it with you.
You will need …

  • A length of plain fabric of your choice
  • A patterned paint roller
  • Flatt matt emulsion paint

Fabric Painting Equipment
Follow this …
Lay your fabric on a large flat surface (you may wish to cover the chosen surface to protect it). Assemble your paint roller, making sure you have enough paint applied to the roller to complete a full length. You should always follow the instructions of the paint roller that you have chosen to use.
Painted Fabric
Now for the fun bit. Place the roller at the top edge of your fabric and, with gentle even pressure, roll downwards, noting the pattern repeat as you go.
Fabric Painting
If your fabric length is longer than your surface stop each row at a recognisable point in the pattern and continue across the width of the fabric. Reposition our fabric and continue each row with your noted roller position until you have covered the entire area.


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