Make String Art Table Numbers – Wedding DIY

Wedding DIY table numbers Reading Time: 3 minutes

How to Make String art table numbers

Thinking of a rustic wedding then these simple string art table numbers will set the scene perfectly. 

String art table numbers are easy to make, low cost and very eye catching.  This is a perfect project for the DIY bride and I somehow think it might impress any DIY experts.

Rustic Weddings and DIY go hand in hand and we have stacks of DIY wedding projects to have a go at in our DIY section here. This Wedding DIY project has been created by Jane Day, stylist and blogger of Tea With Ruby.

Take a quick look at this rustic wedding moodboard right here for more DIY inspiration

Wedding DIY ideas

Have fun styling up your table numbers with a block of wood and colourful cotton!

Wedding DIY things you will need

  • Wooden Blocks
  • Number Templates
  • Panel Pins or Carpet Tacks
  • Hammer
  • Embroidery Thread or Coloured Cotton
  • Craft Knife or Scissors
  • Masking Tape

String Art Table Numbers Equipment
Wedding DIY Instructions

Step 1:

Make number templates by printing numbers at a suitable size and font using your computer, we recommend a thick blocky font. The number templates can be done freehand also, they don’t need to be perfect.  Cut the numbers out using a craft knife or scissors.

Step 2:

Once this is done, attach the prepared templates to the front of your block with masking tape. The block of wood you choose can left natural or alternatively painted or varnished to fit in with your wedding colour scheme.

Pro tip: Choose a font that can be outlined a block style font will do.

String Art Table Number Template
Step 3:

Position your pins or tacks around the edge of the cut out number template making sure that every corner has a pin or tack, this will give your number the outline it needs. You can be a bit more free form with the positioning of the rest to create a quirkier look once you start attaching the thread.

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String Art Table Number Attach Thread
Step 4:

Tie your chosen thread onto the first pin and begin winding the thread around and between the pins or tacks and see you number take shape. This project doesn’t need a specific order of winding the thread. Once your number is complete, finish off the way you started by tying the thread to the final pin or tack, this will stop the thread unravelling.  Wind the threads around the pins more than once to create a thicker number outline which will stand out more.

String Art Table Number Thread
String Art Table Number

For something a bit more challenging try creating wedding signage for the cake table or card table.  As budget wedding ideas goes this project is as cheap as chips with just the wood and thread to source!

Wedding DIY table numbers

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String art table numbers