DIY Weddings – Simple Headpieces

DIY Weddings – Simple Headpieces Reading Time: 3 minutes

Make your own Pretty Headware!

Whether for Bridesmaids or Flower Girls, you can make your own bespoke headwear! Using only a small selection of items available in most high street and craft shops, get creative; or better yet, get the girls involved!

Making cute, simple headpieces of your own is a lovely way to add your own touch to your bridesmaids outfits. This also means they are guaranteed to be individual, unique to your special day.

With a simple white headband, 99p from a local haberdashers, and a few bits of trim, we were able to make these delicate pieces.

Petal Blush

Simply pull a faux flower (we used a peony, roses would work just as well) to pieces and cut the petals off individually (alternatively, packs of petals are available to buy ready cut). Using a glue gun, apply glue to the point of each petal, and layer across the band.

Petal Full
Petal Close

 Petal Band

Coming up Rosey

Begin by securing a peony head a quarter of the way up one side of the band with glue. Don’t worry too much about a small amount of stem being on show; this will be covered. Once this is dry, secure the end of a strip of lace to the start of the band with glue and allow to dry. Once dry, begin to tightly wrap the lace around the band, covering the flower stem, and continue to the end of the band, securing with glue, and trimming any excess for a neat finish!

Rose On (1)
Rose Progress close

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Ideal for little ones, fill a small side section, or the full top section of the band with glue, and cover with sparkly flowers, stones, or whatever tickles your fancy. Perfect for a summer wedding!

Sparkle Half
Sparkle On


Alternatively, buy cheap pearls from a clothes shop, pull the pearls off the string and glue, with a glue gun, along the band. Easy and classic!

Pearl On

Kim ♥


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