Easy Crafty Hen Party Badges

Easy Crafty Hen Party Badges

Make your own Crafty Hen Party Badges

We love getting super crafty and these gorgeous badges are simple and so effective. The idea of hosting your own crafty hen party is a great idea, easier than you think to organise; most likely suit your older family members and be a great bonding experience too. Save the drunken shinnanigns to your closest pals! 

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Materials and Equipment needed

This is a super easy project with little extra equipment needed.


  Scissors and a Glue Gun, Letter Stamps optional.


  Fabric scraps for the badges

  Felt optional for backing

  Card for creating the stiffness of the badge

  Badge pin to fasten

  Sequins and Lace to decorate

  Modge Podge or PVA glue

  Stamps and ink pad for names or alternatively print onto t shirt transfer paper and iron on the names.

Step 1:

Using pretty scraps of fabric glue a square to a piece of card, I have used ‘modge podge’ but ordinary PVA Blue is ok too.

Step 2:

I used a die cutting machine but you can cut out simple shapes using a template, simply print an outline shape from your computer and cut out use this to create your badge shape from the above.

Step 3:

This is optional but for a nicer finish i also cut out the same shape in felt and glued this to the back of the badge.

Step 4:

I hand stamped and embellished the front of the badge but if you don’t want to get a stamp kit you can print onto iron on transfer sheets, cut them out and iron on the names to the front of the badge. Attach a brooch pin or safety pin to the back of the badge and voila! Finished…

Hen Party Badges

How to make hen party badges


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