Free Children’s Wedding Activity printable pages

Free children's wedding activity printable

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Download this Free Children’s wedding Activity printable set. 

I’ve included colouring pages and puzzle pages which are FREE wedding printables that you can easily download and printout yourself at home.

Free children's wedding activity printable

Entertaining children at weddings is often an overlooked detail of wedding planning but its a pretty important task to be honest and one that needs a fair bit of thought.

I absolutely love these personalised activity boxes from littlehandsbigideas1 on etsy

Kids love stickers and simple crafty makes will keep little hands perfectly occupied.

Children's Wedding activity pack

Children's Wedding activity

My first piece of advice is to know the little guests you are having and understand the challenges you might face and that way you can decide what kind of activities will suit your younger guests.  Some little guests are happyChildren's Wedding activity pack colouring and sitting still but many just want to run riot and which can be disruptive.

My second piece of advice is to have lots of activities you can spread out throughout the day to keep kids occupied.

At some venues you might be able to setup a dedicated space for children to hang out, checkout these top entertainment ideas. 

Download these fab FREE children’s wedding activity printable pages

Free children's wedding activity printable

In the main though the reception can be a long drawn out affair for adults let alone children and most children will not spend much time eating during the reception so its important to have some simple activities on hand that can keep them occupied, otherwise you risk the kids just getting up and running round the outskirts of your reception, tripping up, crying getting louder and generally getting on guests nerves.

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