Free Hen Party Bingo Game

Free Hen Party Bingo Game

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If your planning a DIY Hen party then gathering some great Hen Party Games ideas are a must. Hen Party Bingo is a really great classic game everyone will love and we have a FREE version you can download right away.

Hen Party Bingo Game

We’ve put together this rather sweet Free Hen Party Bingo game that you can Hen party bingo game download with no strings.

Hen party bingo

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Free Hen Party Bingo Game

DIY Hen Party Bingo Game

If you want a clean Hen Party game to please everyone then this FREE Hen Party Bingo game is just what you need.

Down load the Games Boards, there are enough for 8 players, print these out. To make these look more professional you could glue them to sturdier card for a more finished look. If you have a laminating machine you could laminate the sheets also to make them more sturdy.

Step 2: Print out the Games card counters and either stick them to card first to give them more stiffness or just cut out the counters. You will need one set for the players to pick up as the game plays out and one set for the bingo caller that can be picked randomly from a bag.

Step 3: Just add alcohol and have some fun.

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Hen Party Bingo Game

Hen Party Bingo Game

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