FREE wedding budget checklist and guide

FREE wedding budget checklist and guide

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Getting the wedding budget set up is key to successfully planning your wedding because with such a big project things can quickly get out of control. Therefore having the wedding budget checklist to hand will simplify the process quickly. The wedding budget checklist will not only help identify all the relevant costs but will enable you to track your spend and control your costs. The wedding budget process also creates a blueprint for your complete wedding plans.

Free Wedding Budget Template

Wedding Budget Template

Wedding Budget Template

Wedding budget ideas and advice

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Wedding budget Tips

How to figure out your wedding budget

The million dollar question so many couples ask is how much does a wedding cost?  Sources report the average UK wedding cost is around £30k  but this does not have to be your starting point.  The key thing to remember is no two weddings are the same in terms of costs.

If the thought of finding £30k fills you with dread fear not, a wedding costs however much you wish to spend on it. Repeat this mantra, everyone gets excited about average wedding costs but the truth is you have complete control over 98% of this.  The trick is not to let the wedding spend get out of hand.  The only essential wedding cost are the rings and the legal fees these are your basic wedding costs. Everything on top of this is window dressing.

Wedding budget advice and tips

If your now wondering how much you should spend on your wedding, where do you start.

1. How much can you afford and who will possibly contribute.  Once you have this figure in mind you can decide whether to go ahead or if you want to save more perhaps wait a while longer. At the end of the day your priority is to balance what you can afford against your existing financial commitments.  The wedding finances can soon unravel if personal circumstances change, such as job security and health.

2. Review the basic wedding budget list below and cross off anything that is not relevant to your wedding.

3.  Once you have a wedding budget figure in mind take off 10% and keep this back as a contingency fund.  A contingency fund is usually for extra costs not factored that may catch you out or it can be a bonus nearer the day to be used as a treat.

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4.  Make a list of things that you think people could help you out with and try to get this boxed off quickly.  Be mindful if your asking friends and family for favours that the risk could be slightly higher of them not being able to do something for you.

Wedding budget advice

In the list below we have identified 28 key categories and within those sections there are likely to have more detailed lists of costs to factor in.

If you are just starting your wedding planning journey take a look at these additional wedding resources that will truly help get your wedding planning off to an amazing start. Don’t forget to also download the FREE wedding planner it is an absolute must.

Wedding budget checklist

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Detailed wedding budget advice

Wedding Budget Checklist

In this list we identify all of the top tier key expenses that you will need to keep a track of in your wedding budget.  The key is not to try and shoe horn your day into this list but rather create your own wedding budget checklist going into much greater detail. Make sure you refer to your wedding budget checklist throughout the planning process.

1. The Venue.

This is a big area the biggest portion of the budget could be spent on this area. The key here is understanding your contract and checking the small print. You could be liable for minimum guest charges so check this. Venues often rely on revenue from the bar, this quite often supplements cheaper package tariffs. Basically, if the guest numbers drop you may have to make up the shortfall. Also you may be considering a tipi or a marquee style wedding so there many more costs associated with an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Budget Tips and Advice

2.The Wedding Dress inc alterations

Most wedding dresses will need to be altered, typically the hem needs to be adjusted on most gowns. It’s not uncommon for brides to gain or lose weight and therefore the gown will need adjusting. This can usually be straight forward but if your buying a dress online it may be more pricey to rectify. Don’t underestimate the cost of alterations. Basic alterations from a good seamstress is likely to cost £200-£300

Wedding Budget advice and help

3.Wedding Accessories

In this category include jewellery, veils, bags or purses, shoes, lingerie, wedding hair accessories, shawls, jackets, belts and trims for the dress not included above.

4.Grooms Suit

The Grooms Suit may be subject to alterations too.

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5. Grooms Accessories

Socks, shoes, cufflinks, shirts as well as aftershave on the day.

6.Ushers Suits

If your footing the bill for your attendants wedding day attire, factor this into your budget.

7.Flowergirls and Pageboy outfits

Sometimes parents or grandparents volunteer to pay for these outfits but that depends on your own circumstances. Consider accessories such as flowergirl wands, tiara or flowercrown – who will pay for these?

8.Thankyou gifts for grooms, ushers, parents, flowergirls and page boys

This can soon rack up to a considerable cost especially when you consider the size of the bridal party possibly two sets of parents.

9.Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories

Decide who will pay for what and be clear. Usually bridesmaids will supply the shoes but hair accessories may be paid for by the bride.

10.Bridesmaid Gifts

It is normal to include bridesmaid gifts as a thankyou from the bride and groom.

11. Stationery

Save the Dates, Day and Evening reception invitations, menu cards, place cards, table plans, order of service etc. Don’t forget Thankyou cards and postage costs.

12. Wedding Cake

Decide on the number of tiers

13. Flowers

Consider Bridal bouquet, bridesmaids flowers, flowers for the ceremony, buttonholes for the groom, ushers, parents etc. Top table flowers as well as table centre flowers for the reception.

14.Transport and accommodation

How will you get to and from the ceremony to the venue, consider the bridal party will they have to find their own way or will you bear the cost of this. This goes for accommodation on the eve and evening of the wedding.

15. Wedding Ceremony fees

There is no getting away from the official fees, they vary depending on the type of service i.e church or civil and church costs can vary across regions.

16. Hair and Beauty Treatments pre-wedding

Hair trials, makeup trials may be extra to the on the day hair and makeup fees. Factor in additional beauty treatments, spa treatments as well as perhaps the increased costs of health and wellbeing.

17. Hair and Beauty on the day

Booking the services of a hairdresser and makeup artist for the bridal party on the wedding day is very popular. Ensure you consider what and who you are paying for.

18. Reception Decorations

To style your venue for the wedding reception in keeping with your theme. Depending on your venue will most likely have a bearing on the decorations and costs involved. Some blank canvas venues may warrant more decor such as hanging decorations, internal draping are just some examples. Alternatively hotel and more formal weddings may involve chair and sash decor, table linens to tie in with the theme. Also consider ceremony decor some couples opt for lavish arches and for the actual ceremony.

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19. Favours for guests

Give consideration to whether you will provide guest favours or for a budget favour option try a personal note on each place setting, this is a great budget diy favour option.

20. Props for the venue

Well styled weddings are full of details, some popular ideas are display areas for missing relatives, sweet and cake tables, props for good photographic opportunities.

Wedding budget tips and advice

21. The Honeymoon

If you are considering honeymoon options consider including this in your wedding budget. Finances could be stretched as it is, don’t leave yourselves short if the dream honeymoon is something that you strongly want to prioritise.

Budget Wedding tips

22. Entertainment

Forget the disco at the end of the night, todays couples consider lots of entertainment options to keep the event flowing throughout the day. There may well be music at the reception, additional ceremony music, photobooths, casino, fireworks, dancefloors, entertainment options are pretty endless. The question is whether your budget is too…

23. Wedding Rings

The wedding rings are a must you can’t get married without these. Often couples leave the rings until nearer the day. However, options for rings are also a personal and symbolic reminder of your marriage and couples quite often look for unique ideas.

24. Stag and Hen Party

Factor in the hen and stag party, also known as bridal shower or bachelorette party.   It’s not unusual for couples to have more than one do which can add to the burden on the wedding budget.

25. Engagement Party

The engagement party is making a come back with couples opting to celebrate with family and friends to announce the impending nuptials.

26. Photography

Photography can often take a big portion of any wedding budget so get quotes and box this cost off early on.

27. Videography

The humble wedding video is now the must have tech for millennials. With drones offering advanced coverage to get the  event at all angles is a real draw. This is a hugely creative process and can be a fabulous momento.of the day but expect to pay for this service.

28. Catering and Drinks

This may well be part of your venue package. However,  if your having a DIY wedding, festival style or a marquee you will be responsible for your own food and drink.


Wedding budget checklist

Wedding budget checklist

Wedding budget list

Wedding budget checklist

Free budget checklist

Wedding budget checklist

Wedding planning advice

Wedding budget checklist


The best wedding budget tips