From Online Dating to I Do

From Online Dating to I Do

According to research from dating site eHarmony, more than half of couples will meet online in the next 20 years and by 2040, seven in ten loved up couples will be able to thank either internet dating or online communication for their new found romance! So, does this mean the end of cheesy chat up lines in dark, smelly clubs or falling in love across the office and instead replacing that with an online profile or a ‘like’?
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It’s 2014, which means it’s not unusual to meet a partner through a Tinder ‘right swipe’ or exchanging of messages on, It’s fast becoming the norm to meet your future spouse this way, research proves that more than a third of people who married between 2005 – 2012 met online.
So what exactly makes Britian’s 16 million singles sign up or download an app to link them to other singles in the local area. How do they work and is it true that they make for happier marriages?
Single Parent Dating, Uniform Dating and even Muddy Matches, a dating site for ‘country minded and muddy people’…whatever floats your boat I suppose! There really is something for everyone if you Google hard enough. However, one thing that internet daters all agree on, is that getting to know each other is key, no matter what your interests. If you’re really serious about meeting someone in person a ‘get to know you’ period is vital, whether it’s messages, phone calls or Skype sessions.
However, dating online does come with some pitfalls. Meeting someone at work or at a party through a friend means that you can get a basic jist of who they are, where they’re from, whether they’re married or not etc, (you get the idea) – but online, sadly, you can be anyone you want to be through your profile with many internet daters admitting to lying about their weight, height, drinking or smoking to some extent.
Studies show that most internet daters are in their 40s to 50s, who have just come out of a long term relationship/marriage and many have children. This wasn’t the case for 22-year-old Sophie from Durham, she turned to Tinder she says just to “see what would happen.”

“I think I mainly signed up due to boredom, it’s very common for most single people my age to be on Tinder. With Tinder, it’s very shallow you judge people instantly on a few photos from their Facebook account and you can decide whether you ‘like’ them or ‘nope them. If you both like each other then it’s a match!”

Sophie went on to say: “After a string of weird messages from strange men I’d ‘liked’ when drunk I began to think online dating wasn’t for me! I’d deleted my account several times but after one of my friends told me about this hot boy she was messaging I decided to get it back. Me and Joe got talking and within about three weeks we decided to meet up for a date!”

“I couldn’t quite believe I was meeting someone off a random app when I’d been so against it before, but it was happening!”

“Joe and I have now been together for about six months and I wouldn’t change a thing. It can still get a little bit awkward when people ask how we met and I have to tell the older generation we met on Tinder but I wouldn’t lie either! I’d definitely recommend it.”
According to Tinder statistics, there have been a whopping 65 proposals, with up to three couples vowing to marry! Did you meet your partner online? We want to know!
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